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  1. Araf

    Keeping pesky cats off your Boxster ?

    Ours still haven't worked out how to open the milk though.
  2. Araf

    Keeping pesky cats off your Boxster ?

    My roof is always covered in cat hair but as it's from one of our cats, I have no reason to complain. People have found pepper to be a good deterrent, in the past. I've never worked out how the cat is supposed to use the mill, without thumbs though....
  3. Sad to hear Patt, so I hope you get sorted quickly enough. Regarding the finance on your car, if you sell to a trader then they are normally very happy to work with finance companies. The way it works is you agree a price for the car, you get a settlement figure for the finance, the buyer pays the finance company. The finance company confirm to you that they have received the settlement figure, then the dealer gives you the balance between the finance settlement and the agreed price for the car. Private buyers can often be put off by finance. In these instances it may be better to get a personal loan to cover the finance, sell the car without finance on it, then pay off the loan. If you can sell within a 28 day period and pay the loan back, you shouldn't get charges at all from the bank for the loan. Banks don't like telling people about this clause though.
  4. Araf

    Porsche Parts Catalogue

    Good find. I've made it a sticky for you.
  5. It used to be the case that the premium went down. I'm with Purdie on this. Maybe it's a question that you should put to one of the insurance brokers on the forum in their sponsored areas?
  6. Araf

    How to: Fog lights as DRL: the Uktinpol 2 hack

    Yes. I bought the diode. It's got to wait until after my service, Christmas time, but then I'll see what I can do.
  7. I've just read that this is to credit card, and yes, this can take a while. You need to remember that most merchant accounts with credit card machines are set up so that money comes in easily but refunds need to be scrutinised to stop employees siphoning off funds from the merchant.
  8. Araf

    They've written my 986 off

    Ah, the Admiral. It took me 18 months to get satisfaction from another part of that group (Diamond) and then only after intervention from the ombudsman. Good luck, and I'm guessing that you are now realising that cheapest isn't always best. BTW, the anecdote above about the Monaro was will Bell - another Admiral subsidiary.
  9. Are we talking about across borders too? If so, this can take a few days and receiving banks will know nothing about it even though the funds have left the trading country.
  10. Araf

    They've written my 986 off

    They will if you really stamp your feet. A Monaro owner did just this by getting his insurer to give him two quotes, then he went to the other party's insurance company, quoted the claim and asked for an additional £300. The first year was difficult but after they coughed he told them to expect his call in a years time.... He did some track days with us, so I'm sure he's registered here as Liam1986.
  11. Araf

    They've written my 986 off

    No, the insurance ombudsman is there to mediate and from personal experience I know that they do take a rational look at all of the facts before making their ruling. It is rare that an insurance company will go against the decision but either side still have the option of taking it to court. As for their bibles, they know who Autotrader are. Give them details for similar cars and see if they can negotiate them down to the CAP figures. I would echo most of the above. Threaten the insurance company with the big stick of taking on a like-for-like hire car until they settle to your satisfaction. Give your own insurance company a kick up the backside too, as they should be fighting your corner, not making you have to do it.
  12. Araf

    They've written my 986 off

    Yes, £4200 is an insult but the insurance company are not expecting you to say "too much" when they offer you £7k. I'd start off at £6k for yours and let them haggle you down. As for the salvage, if you have space then have it back off them. They don't have to give all to any preferred agent they have working for them, and until you settle the car is still yours.
  13. Araf

    How To: Remove 986 interior carpet

    Thanks. I need that too, as one of mine is in the wrong place and so the carpet drifts.
  14. Araf

    Adrian Flux - Avoid!

    It is now. I can't blame it on you being new around here so I'll have to put it down to age. Cheers @Gutley