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  1. thanks - probably worth contacting LV & Mannings just to see what they can offer
  2. GT3 is staying with Mannings - track cover BMW isn't due up until March next year, so I guess I'll just have to suck it up on the shed !
  3. I'm going to be purchasing a 'shed' commuting car shortly Wife insures the X5 on her NCB (LV) I insure the GT3 on my NCB (Mannings) what happens for the shed - do I start back at zero on this ?
  4. I've taken it on the last couple of cars I've had; Panamera had 20" cut wheels - policy covered full pro refurb of these, not paint. And two tyres GT3 - one scuffed alloy (avoiding a bloody cat) repair so good I have no idea on the wheel where it was; had 2 tyres replaced (both nails, picked up at MOT) Policy from memory was circa £400- 3 years cover for both wheels & tyres when you consider that one rear tyre for the GT3 costs £500 from the OPC, its a no brainer (and to top it all another nail in the tyre this week - tyre is virtually new, so had it repaired for 45 notes - at a garage that isn't an OPC, but has the right Socket for centre locks, understands the fragility of PCCB, and the correct torque wrench - and the correct method required to apply it !
  5. 3K miles policy £1K PA unlimited trackday cover pretty happy with that hopeful to stay under the mileage limit !
  6. hi do your policies include track cover?
  7. CCI's comms have been superb; I emailed them initially, got a call back start of business following day. Went through the basics, gave them all the details and asked them to call back with quote at 2pm as I would be in meetings up till then. Called back on the dot. confirmed everything, explained all the details, took payment - sorted ! now that's my idea of customer service
  8. they are all thieving b*st*rds I found that using the same quotation details, same companies I could get different prices almost day on day ! in the end I went with CCI as I wanted track cover
  9. I used to be insured with CCI - but can't seem to locate them anymore ? they included track days FOC, as long as I notified them before attending - workers out very competitive I'm renewing mid Feb - been with Admiral for a couple of years, but now I want trackway cover too.. Looks like it may be a bit pricey for the GT3 Moris want £400 just to cover me for one day at Donington!
  10. Can you give me an indication of costs for trackday cover on a 991GT3 ?

    Cover for current market value please!




  11. Don't suppose you live on Abbots  Road do you ?

    there is a lovely 986 on there last time I looked :)

  12. I've been with CCI for 3 years on the GT3 - not needed to claim (thankfully) but they always managed to beat everyone else on price, and with track cover - good to deal with too, real people
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