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  1. £325 with A-Plan including free breakdown cover (home start and European cover), but I am old and wouldn't wish that on anyone just to save money!
  2. I have! "Saga customers don't drive Porsches was the reply I got"
  3. I agree about A Plan - they also offer breakdown service (home start plus European cover) for around £60
  4. A-plan have done good for me for many years - I always try and find better on confused.com and when I do A-plan seem to match it
  5. £340ish (including Home start, break down, European cover and legal insurance) via A-Plan, but I am an old git
  6. Wife bought me tha Box from her yearly bonus(a 1998 Box but who cares) Mortguage now paid off
  7. The legal requirement is to serve the NIP on the registered owner of the car within 14 days; and I think they have to serve the fixed penalty within 6 months of the date of the offence.
  8. Bought my last car (not the Box) using debit card, phone rang to check my identity (which pleased me) first question "who pays your salary" I replied "Police authority" They replied "No, that's not right" I tried to say I had been a Police Officer for 29 years and asked that they check the bank statements. "Can't do that". Eventually I realised when I opened the account in 1974 I was a Medical Rep with Welcome Medical - correct answer! Several other questions and I realised they were definately living in the past - the last question is what is your wife's occupation - I immediately answered "student". This was correct in 1974 and was what they still had on file. My wife is now 51yrs and is a director in a large company, but they were happy to thimk that she had been a student for 31 years! Data Protection Act eat your heart out
  9. OK I am older than all of you and my renewal (plus breakdown etc) was £330 ish, me (no offence) and my wife (speeding conviction and major accident); but no-one has ever asked if I have Tracker (which I don't and never will)
  10. Tried them, quote not competative I use A-plan and they are very good to me (should be they have both car insurances, house contents etc)
  11. I think the heading gives away the Ins Co but a definite one to avoid. ← Oops, a blond moment
  12. Which company? p.s. I didn't think a 2.5 could take 18" wheels on the rear
  13. that makes me young!! !'m over 19
  14. Don't bother with SAGA - they told me their clients don't drive Porsches
  15. Boxsters are to young I thought for Classic Insurance, as Dudeone says it is probably limited mileage you are looking for. I have mine set at 7500 miles per annum - but having had the Box for 5 months now that is too low and I will go to normal insurance next year. It was only a marginal difference anyway, but when I was quoted for mileage of 3,000 pa it dropped significantly. ( do you know how to wind your clock back? ) Your best bet is to take the NCB from the lowest group car, transfer it to the Porsche and start again with the other car. Some companies do assist with NCB accelerators (e.g. Admiral who do 10 month policies but give a years no claims at the end. I do all my insurances through A-plan - 2xcars, housesx2 and several personal insurances and when I had 3 cars last year they managed to find me a policy for the third car which started with an introductory 40% NCB. They want to keep my business and do try hard. It is also nice to deal with human beings who know your name and treat you as a person as opposed to dealing with several call centres who don't give a damm.
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