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  1. Totally agree with you! Oh well, at least we got one good year out of them before having to go back to the routine of shopping around again.
  2. Did you challenge them to do better? Boxster down 27% on last year (same company) and a change of insurance company for the Espace saved 15% on the renewal premium. In both cases legal cover was added for free. However I do have three cars and a house insured through them! Yes mate, I gave full details of other insurers and their prices but simply got...."we can't get anywhere near those prices". My renewal had simply been handed over to one of the sales team (it wasn't Steven this time) and I had to phone them to get the new price. I got the impression that the young chap that dealt with my renewal didn't see enough commission for himself so couldn't be bothered to get me a better price.
  3. I had the opposite experience. Renewal with A-plan was over £100 dearer (25%) than a lot of other quotes I'd received. It seems to me that they're just like any other insurance company and broker in that they're only interested in new business and not keeping their customers.
  4. Just switched my boxster insurance to A-Plan. Just the cover I wanted at an excellent price. Great service from Steve and it was nice to chat to a fellow boxster owner that really appreciates our cars. He is definitely worth a call at renewal time in my experience. Cheers Steve
  5. How long before renewal time should I call to get a quote? Mine is due late December.
  6. Plynchy and Purdie have rescued the August BoXa trackday!

  7. I too found them useless. I got the impression that they're only interested in insuring cars that stay locked up in a garage and are only taken out for a polish. As soon as I mentioned that I would use the car to go to work in , they weren't interested and came up with a silly expensive premium.
  8. Oh.....and if anyone is thinking of asking A-plan for a quote....don't bother. Mister Knobby insurance sales person wanted to know if a boxster was a cabriolet and was the 2.7 the S model.
  9. I'm glad to see from this thread that I'm not the only one having to put up with this "but sir premiums have gone up on average by 40% this year across the industry as a whole" cr*p! Have they all got together and formed a cartel? And what's with the use of the word 'industry'....are they under the illusion that they actually make something? Looks like it's going to be a long week on the phone talking to a bunch of useless fekkers that keep asking me the same questions and say "that's brilliant" each time I give them an answer!
  10. Dancing banana smiley for N & G's T-1.

  11. How does his job have a negative effect on the insurance loading? I know that there is a loading for those in the licensed restaurant trade (for example) but don't see why being a pilot should lead to any risk of driving a car.
  12. As Purdsie said and as you have now found out for yourself, you REALLY need to get insurance for these cars by phone. On-line quotes are useless most of the time. You need the personal touch from specialists brokers. Heritage is another one of the specialists that are worth a try (mine was £375 for 10,000 miles, breakdown and legal cover). Oh...and expect next year for it to go up again.....just ring them back and say it's too much and what can then do? I did this last time and they came back with a price cheaper than the previous year! Goodness knows why they didn't just offer it in the first place!
  13. There already are. This is just one example of a thread from disgruntled policy owners that you can read on the PCGB forum: http://www.porscheclubgbforum.com/tm.asp?m=553519
  14. FYI Hagerty stopped giving trackday cover this year and also increased their premiums significantly. I and many others have left them. My 964 is now covered by Classicline but I don't think they'll insure anything less than 10 years old.
  15. That's good advice. This time round I got my insurer (Performance Marque) to drop their initial renewal price by £200 by telling them I had better quotes.
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