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  1. A used ECU won't work on its own. The DME (ECU) and Alarm Control Unit are both programmed with the immobiliser code, and if they don't match then the car won't start. You can change them as a set of DME, ACU, and Key(s) but it has its downsides. Unless you have the security codes from the donor set (impossible to get) you will never be able to code a new key. The proper way to do it is have a new DME fitted and programmed to the car. The trouble is, a genuine 5.2.2 DME is now so expensive (£5000+) it might well be more than the value of the car. I would suggest contacting someone like bba-reman.com and see if they can repair it.
  2. The only thing I would like to add to this excellent write-up is that I'm not 100% convinced that the data from the failed unit has to be copied to the replacement. When I was doing the reset at the end of the process, I looked at the coding options, and there were options to change model/isofix etc., and it appears these could be changed. I don't blame Tony for adopting a 'belt & braces' approach, and doing it that way ensured success. However, there is a nagging feeling that I wish I had been there when Tony & Ian took the failed unit out, and could have tried just changing the coding on the replacement unit to suit.
  3. Seems like you have had it done, but you have to lock the cams and crank before removing the tensioner, otherwise there is a danger of jumping a tooth on the cam chain.
  4. Sorry to hear this Patt. Hope things work out for you without parting with the car.
  5. I think it could go anywhere in the MOST loop, but you would definitely need the PCM coding to add a CDC.
  6. Hi Richard

    I hope you do not mind me contacting you.

    I used the search function and you kindly supplied a member sometime ago with a radio code.


    I have a 99 2.5 Boxster and I had to disconnect the battery. The radio is now asking me to enter the code that I do not have.

    Do I need to remove the stereo completely to get the serial number from the side of the  unit in order to get the code?

    Can it not be sourced from VIN or reg number?


    Many thanks



  7. Hi ho. Looks like you cut 'n pasted my post on Renntech. The instrument cluster plugs are marked with tiny numbers at each end of the plug. Use VW repair wires, which have terminals fitted to each end, and insert them in the appropriate hole in the plug. I have a DIY for the complete job. If you PM me with your email address, I'll send it to you when I get to my PC tomorrow.
  8. Well done Chris. Looks great (and so does the Boxster)!
  9. On a 2001 996, the wire colours are: Instrument Cluster blue plug Pin 9 Green/Red to Oil PS "G" Instrument Cluster white plug Pin 6 Green/White to Oil PS "WK"
  10. It probably comes down to claims history (for the model), and because most Porsches aren't daily drives, there are less claims. I remember my 996 Turbo was a lot cheaper to insure than my 996 Carrera. I can never make sense of insurance prices though, and find I have to shop around every year now.
  11. If you have a CDR23 (the standard radio for MY2003) then you won't need a radio code. The head unit and DME have the codes programmed into them. When you switch on the ignition they communicate, and if the codes match it fires up the CDR23. If you disconnect the battery, they still retain the codes. If it is an earlier CDR22, I have a decoder and can give you the code from the last 4 digits of the serial number (which is accessible without removing the head unit). Drop me a PM if you need a code.
  12. Hi Richard, email is baerchen68@yahoo.co.uk

    would appreciate the wiring diagram and any other info on where to fix the relay and what relay to use. would the heated rear window relay work with the matching switch or is it too high a rating?

  13. Hi Richard

    I am trying to upgrade my sat nav as the thread. 

    My Amp is 00017500/3504

    PCM is 04202JDI/3004

    From your steer it would appear I have to upgrade the operating system. Do yo have a link to the updates or would you be able to assist in some way? I now have a copy of the Sat nav disc from Newbox.




  14. On PIWIS there is a coding option in the Front control unit for "Daylight running lights mandatory". Anyone tried changing the setting to see what happens?
  15. My daughter is in the process of buying her first house, and her solicitor offered Chancel Insurance at £18.95, and no ridiculous admin fee. Too late to change solicitors?
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