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  1. Have been getting quotes for a week. Went through all the companies you've mentioned and just signed with LV. (Liverpool Victoria) £356 including Business Use Class 1 and Protected NCD. Legal assistance.10k personal accident and Temporary replacement car. That's half what my current insurer was asking for renewal. They have offered to price match, but I'm afraid they've blown it! Some companies are only acting as agents. LV is a long established insurer. Before signing with any company you should check their status with FSA. I found that its4me has been de-registered this month. LV can be priced online.
  2. I was in the same situation, mine was up for renewal yesterday. Same situation as yourself, but up to 11000 miles/year. I went with LV, not only were they the cheapest, they had a good review in the Auto Express insurance ratings the other week. WoW! Just had a quote and not only cheapest, but company IS established and DOES have history. Seems they do try it on at renewal, BUT these days its up to us to be wise and not accept the first renewal offer. I'm adding LV to my shortlist. Thanks again for that heads-up!
  3. My insurer for the past 5 years have priced themselves out of my budget, so I'm shopping around. Clean licence, mature driver, max NCD , Garaged, Low miles per annum, No Tracker. I've read all the helpful posts about some good quotes many of you have been able to get. I've had quotes from More-than, AA, Adrian Flux, E-Sure and some others that I've discarded. Range from £400 to £550 and even that is £200 less than my current insurer! I know that cheapest may not be best so open to signing up anywhere within the above range. Big question? In the event of an accident, which of these companies (or perhaps suggest another insurer) will provide a recovery to a Porsche garage and allow work to be carried out by Porsche workshop or specialist? AND what sort of temporary car arrangment might I expect from a good insurer?. I'll also be checking their feedback for reports of poor customer service at times of stress!!! Any advice appreciated. Thanks
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