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  1. Just thought that this may be of interest to some....... When my insurance asked about the Thatcham approval of the alarm/immobiliser, I called my local OPC and they gave me the Thatcham approval number which was: TC2 - 354/0197 Not sure if this is relevant to the year of my car ('98) or to the pre-facelift Boxster, but anyway, thought it may help someone!!
  2. Less than.........impressed - More Than wouldnt touch me! 28, 8 yrs NCD, no points (touch wood), 8k miles a year, no mods, driveway parking...... Best quote i have had is from MoneySupermarket.com - £478 or £473 with my old man insured (not that i will be telling him that he is!)
  3. I just had my renewal notice from Black Horse and its £399 a year, no inspection fees and no excess either. Its not the most comprehensive, and not too sure on the limit, but last year it paid for itself twice over as i had near on £1k's work done for nothing.
  4. Car insurance renewal time rapidly approaching Completed the online questionnaire for Adrian Flux insurance and next day recieved an email back saying they could quote me £550!! I was well pleased with this and so gave them a call to confirm - had to go through the rigmorol of all the questions, and we get to the last question - "have you owned a perfomance car before?" What classifies as a "performance car"??? I had a Corsa 1.8 Sri before - 0-60 in sub 8.0 - reasonable performance - not a performance car according to them.... £550 premium suddenly become £864!! £314 raise for not having owned what they classify as a performance car - cowboys..... And no i can't spell included.....
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