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  1. Delbox - I think you need a holiday, and possibly some valium?
  2. A warning to everyone regardless of your insurance company. ANY modification whether performance enhancing or not could invalidate a claim....worth checking out. With this im including upgrading your lights to the latest version etc. Also any extras - even if they are factory fitted need to be declared for some companies. it cost me 100 extra last year just for my leather seats!!!!!!!
  3. Im with Bell direct and it was £900 fully protected with business use. Although when I told them on the form I had leather seats they charged me another 90 quid, wish i hadnt mentioned it. Im 28, i dont know if the value of your car means its more expensive. On another point my girlie is 27 and it was actually CHEAPER to have her as a named driver than to not have her on at all (even though she is the worlds worst driver).
  4. Fook Me! 23? I thought I was young to have a Boxter and Im 28. I must be getting old. Thats it, im selling up and getting a BMW or a Golf TDi.
  5. This is the cheapest insurance I could find. www.belldirect.co.uk Someone posted it on the site a while back, my insurance went down from £1200 to £850 with them and im 28 with Full NCD. They are pretty keen for your business too.
  6. Thanks for that , my insurance is due up next month and they have just quoted me 837 with protected bonus, im 28 with no points or claims. Ace. I paid 1150 last year.
  7. Im 28, was 27 when I insured my boxter 2.5 with Qwikfit, it was £1150 with no tracker needed.......tesco was cheaper by £50 quid but they wanted a tracker. I had 6 points then and Full NCD. BOSH Its up again in September so interesting to see if I can get it any cheaper.
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