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  1. that lombard deal works out closer to - 7.67% APR (not including any set up payments - which would make the APR higher) the OPC one is approx 7.13% APR are you not better off just getting a straight forward bank loan for the amount needed? as you should get a loan for less than these quotes.
  2. I bet they give you a discount for SDP, Sort of like a means test. Admiral Call Centre Person: Do you have any interior options? Simon: Yes I have the Sport Design Pack Admiral Call Centre Person: Ah the Bromley chavy pack, burberry colours or just plastic black? Simon: Plastic Black Admiral Call Centre Person: Dear dear, pikey plastic, well the good news is that reduces your premium by the cost of a knock off Hackett top and a meal for you, your mates girlfriend and 3 of her illigitimate kids at a Harvester plus as much WKD's as you can drink. Simon: Wow, fanks wait till I tell my wife Chardonnay-Chelsea, she'll give me a BJ for this! ←
  3. NCB will not be affected but your annual premium will increase due to an accident being recorded against the insured name
  4. i cannot get insurance with them because my wife is under 30!
  5. now that is a good idea - over to you Jay - thanks for volunteering!
  6. sounds a bit like what I had - i went with direct line in the end - also because they actually covered all the factory fitted options which places like elephant and esure did not. i think you have to contact liverpool victoria direct - its something to do with being under 30.
  7. i believe you may be able to claim some years NCB but you need to speak to the insurers concerned - I don't think all insurers will
  8. i've mentioned this in past threads - you have to declare all your options and get it to them in writing. Some insurers (e.g. elephant) will not cover these "extras" full stop!
  9. will definitely be giving them a call when my insurance is up for renewal
  10. nope - but do a search on this topic as it has been mentioned before
  11. they were no good for me as they would not cover factory fitted options on a new S
  12. cannot get them to quote me online- will have to give them a call another time.
  13. looks like I'll have to give them another try - they were not very competitive last time around. Do they have an internet site or are all quotes over the phone?
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