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  1. I've had this too on my daughters insurance. It dropped substaintially when I added myself and even further when we added Mrs AB. Explanation is they average out the risk over the named drivers. Your Bro. is viewed by your insurers as a lower risk than you and they have averaged things out. This is a benefit I expect they will wise up to in the fullness of time.
  2. It's that time of year again. Renewal (for the Audi) arrived today so went on a couple of price comparison websites. A company called ONE CALL are coming out at least £70 cheaper than anyone else, and their policy includes ALL the extras like NCB protection, legal, personal accident and loaner and the excess is competitive. Sounds too good to be true! Anyone heard of them? Is the policy written with dissapearing ink?
  3. If you mention it to your insurers, even if she deided not to progress the claim and settle with you directly, your insurers will still load your premium! CVNTS!
  4. I would say that's b*ll*x unless you know it to be genuinely true. The fundamental principle of insurance is that if you sustain damage or loss, the insurer is obliged by law to put you back in the same position you were in before the loss.
  5. Saga, were the cheapest for me last year, renewal was the same price this year (checked and they were still the cheapest I could get). Did not charge me any extra when i had my performance exhaust fitted either. Downside- You have to be over 50!
  6. A lot of folks have posted that thye got good deals from the two specilaist brokers who sponsor this site. Didn't work for me tho!Saga came up best for me and didn't penalise me for my modded sports exhaust If you are over 50 (judging from your picture you are! :stickprod: ) give them a shot!
  7. Not an option that may be open to all on here (I think you may need to be over 50), but Saga were very competitive with my renewal. They offered to beat any same basis quote I could get. Try as I might I couldn't find one! Sky were hundreds off and Brindle didn't even call me back so I assume they were just as expensive. Same goes for the comparison boys, LV, Directline, Hastings etc. Top top it all off when I called to renew they offered me a £10 discount if I paid by quarterly DD's instead of my normal upfront payment, and £20 if I let them quote for my house insurance, no obligation! One interesting thing. Whilst Mrs B hardly ever drives the car, if I removed her from cover the premium would have gone up £150!
  8. In a word, 'no'! Had exactl the same circumstances last year with Aviva. They were warned that if thye isnsisted on over-charging me for a similar change of car so close to the end of the policy, i would not renew. But they took no notice. Now with SAGA for both the Boxster and the communal household Audi.
  9. I too am bemused as to why they want to see the engine on a Boxster for valuation purposes. It's not readilly accessible so can't be kept squeaky clean. Unless they know what they are looking at thye are likley to say it's dirty and therefore the condition does not reflect the valuation which would be b*ll*x. You can also access the front of the engine (where the ancillaries and drive belt are) from inside the car. There is a rmovable panel behind the carpet behind the seats. You really don't need a video to work out how to remove the top cover. Just follow the earlier link posted to perdo's garage article.If you insist, have found one on You Tube that goes on to replace the air filter, but it covers what you need.
  10. Check the wording. In the event of an accident doe thye insist you use their approved repairer, or are you free to use a Porsche approved shop? I was with Aviva when I had a scrape and they booked it into a Porsche approved shop without me even asking.
  11. Trev, just some things you may not have tried. Put you and your wife down as named drivers. In fact the more experienced named drivers on the policy, the cheaper it will work out as it will dilute you duaghter's element. Also try Diamond, Elephant, Admiral (all the same company really). In my experience they are the cheapest for young drivers. My 18 year old girl has a Group 4 Peugeot and pays £840 F/C.
  12. Great day out at Evolve with a great bunch of blokes (and girls!). Big thanks to Berty987 for organising!

  13. Yeah!!! Got my baby back today!!!!!

  14. Has New Year blues!!!

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