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  1. Well after lots of phoning around and enquiring about factory extras and the debate about them not being mods etc, i ended up with Porsche Insurance ,they matched a quote i got from NU of all places, but Porsche cover all the extras, etc. Direct Line and Tescos were not far behind, I'm paying £958 fully comp with 4 years NCD and 8 points Andy
  2. This is the problem I came across earlier in the year when phoning around, they seem to want to sting ya twice. Called direct line today and asked them (as there the cheapest even with my new points ), and she stated that the mods would not effect the quote, unless fitted afterwards. Then she double checked and then stated from the text she was reading??? That any mods, factory, dealer or aftermarket would be charged for, I asked if I was better to insure at the base price then (plus normal extras) and then state the wheels and suspension separately and she agreed. Still does not sound right though Andy
  3. This was the exact same problem i had with all the quotes i was getting when i first ordered my car, everyone quoted me for the cars total price (about £44k) then they ask if its been modified, i said "No, except for the factory options, 18" wheels, sport suspension, etc) then they try to sting me again on these???? It might prove cheaper to insure the base value then issure the extras if they wanna play that game??, but i'll see what quotes i get once i know how many more points i will have and when i have finally decided on my spec Andy
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