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  1. ask them to clarify or make an exception, on the basis that you don't want to incur the cost of changing a perfectly good car for the new job.
  2. can you not have the car allowance in cash? If you can, are they still saying your car must comply with the 'rules'?
  3. Chaucer Thought so .... is that a good ot a bad thing?
  4. So each car's NCB at point of entry into Family Fleet is frozen, and reactivated if leaving Family Fleet?
  5. does each car on Family Fleet acrrue its own NCB?
  6. can the OPC not sort you out with 7 days free insurance? mine did
  7. also try ruby and sky insurance, sponsors of this forum and also porsche insurance
  8. talk to Sky Insurance and Ruby Insurance, brokers who sponsor BoXa.net
  9. a bizarre request. have they said why they need a picture of your engine?
  10. thanks all. will keep the policy running .. the 1 year NCB is worth much more than any refund
  11. My RS60 sold today, and it has about 2 months left on the insurance. If I cancel it early, would I get the full year's NCB credited? Not sure if 2 months left means much of a refund anyway.
  12. I am with Admiral multi car too .. they were a lot less than others. The premium for 2 cars was about the same as the premium for the CLS55 alone. Was with them last year, and I got a further "loyalty discount" of about 5%
  13. Surely that's borrocks? I'm with Admiral and all that was mentioned to me was that I'd get market value ie. not necissarily my insured value which is fine. I'm with elephant (same lot as Admiral) When I getting my insurance quote, I had to list all optional equipment, as otherwise I would have got the price of a standard car. The quoted premium increased about £25 as a result.
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