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  1. Mine had gone and having been with same company last two years I didn’t want to change but I shopped around. Had a like for like policy from Manning and my previous insurers still could not match it and were a little over £100 more expensive. New polucy was cheaper than previous years.
  2. Some people are so feking retarded!!!! Your not that old are you
  3. You haven't got the hang of the mother/daughter after school class things yet have you!!! 10 min drive = drive like you stole it, so 5 mins in reality 40 mins gossiping with other parents 10 min drive back = got to pop into sainsburys or tesco on the way back so in reality another 30 mins
  4. r1flyguy

    Warranty Renewal

    One payment as far as im aware. Do you have the option of obtaining a credit card with 0% for 12 months? Maybe your best option.
  5. Try the insurer I use, Henderson & Taylor, they only insure sports cars the last time I renewed though so have the Macan on a different policy with someone else (A-Plan). Worth an ask maybe.
  6. r1flyguy

    Insurance renewal time...

    How spooky!! Ive just done the exact same thing. Due to my local OPC no longer ‘allowing’ a valuation service my onsurer told me of this service by the PCGB so i joined and yes car info and 6 photos and the valuation was back the same day.
  7. r1flyguy

    Insurance renewal time...

    Having phoned around repeating the same questions time & time again, A-Plan gave me a call back 2 days before policy end and enquired if i was going to renew with them. I had bettered their price by £40 or so, so they offered to match it and for ease of renewal I went with A-Plan again on the Macan. Happy with the result.
  8. r1flyguy

    Insurance renewal time...

    I called my current insurer A-plan as my renewal is due. After the usual questions etc, they came back to me with the ... “insurance premiums have gone up” “insurance tax” slaes b*ll*x, etc but we can reduce the quote by........... wait for it..... 54p yes, a whole 54pence called locktons based on the above post, they only insure to a max of 7500 miles per year and they wanted £400 more than my renewal !!!!!
  9. r1flyguy

    Insurance reccomendation?

    Ins seems a pretty good quote to me!! I'd be happy with that I'm insured with ERS too through a broker as they are the only company offering a decent price on 'guaranteed' valuation, etc. i now try stagger servicing, tracker renewals, etc for the very reason you have explained! Albeit sometimes it's good to get it out the way in one go.
  10. r1flyguy

    Insurance renewal time...

    Gave them all the info, they didn't bother calling back so I called them. their quote was £200 over my renewal, tracking that's the reason they didn't bother contacting me again!. A-plan have offered a competitive quote but need to clarify some details & contact me current insurers to see if they can do any better
  11. r1flyguy

    Insurance renewal time...

    Just called a number/contact provided on PH forum for NFU My renewal has come through so looking around! Again! Renewals seem to come around so quickly!
  12. So names you havent heard of wont be any good then? Some brokers are better than mainstream companies and offer better policies
  13. Forgot to mention @Gorsh Henderson & Taylor only insure sports cars thus the macan is insured elsewhere its £500 excess, porsche approved repairer. And insure for 10k miles per year plus selected track day cover included.
  14. Hi @Gorsh im insured through 'Henderson & Taylor' with the 911 & A-plan with the macan. I have a tracker on both as they spend prolonged periods unused whilst away, albeit the macan is used if SWMBO wants to get out of the company Audi. There are many reports of car key burglaries at present in the surrounding towns/villages so the tracker is useful however i do agree, the subscription is expensive for effectively doing nothing unless the unfortunate happens and think there should be a joint tracker policy available as to have 2 cars stolen at the same time is bad luck! And i also agree that should one of them be stolen, i wouldnt want it back having witnessed how they are driven in my previous life. Maybe when the renewal for the macan comes around there are 2 subscriptions i wont renew, tracker & car connect (doesnt have the plus) as i just think connect is a complete waste of money and can count the amount of times on 1 hand i used the 'gimmick' app.