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  1. is still hungover!!

  2. Will be interested to hear if they do as they have always beaten or price matched for me
  3. A-Plan Insurance Chapel Court Thatcham Berks RG18 4QL Telephone 01635 874 646 Ive been with these guys for about 4 yrs after Boxsey recommended them to me - Good luck
  4. A Plan Thatcham have always been really good for me give them a try them on 01635 874 646
  5. NML

    Hubba hubba

  6. Mine is 350, just renewed my insurance and input my private plate details and on some sites it was still down as the Box - turns out the Box is now cheaper to insure than Monty!!
  7. A Plan by far the best for me 01635 874 646
  8. You getting a loan car? Work being done for the rattle? BTW, WTF is this on getting own insurance for the loan car? Tis normal? They can cover you if you kick up enough of a fuss. Why should you have to pay out again when there is something wrong with your new motor!
  9. A Plan by far the best for me. Gotta to be worth a call 01635 874 646 Good luck with your search
  10. I've been with A plan for the past two years always beat the best quote I've had and great service.
  11. A Plan by far the best for me too
  12. Insurance companies have been charging interest on monthly payments for years, sometimes it is cheaper to put it on a credit card just make sure you are doing a like for like interest rate comparison. They have to disclose how much the interest rate is and then it's your choice.
  13. glad things are working out for you. For breakdown cover porsche assist use rac so they must be worth looking at. Good luck.
  14. Very true they are very good well worth a call... Didn't want to steal your thunder Boxsey
  15. how about insure box as normal and just take out a days insurance with someone like www.dailyinsure.co.uk think that's think thats the name just google it if off interest. It is worth the hassle, i wouldn't be able to part with mine!
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