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  1. My daughter is doing the dance with insurers ATM and I have told her their first proper offer sounds very reasonable.
  2. Wasn't it FIVE screws 😳
  3. That does sound strange. Do the comparison sites not improve things at all?
  4. ALWAYS, ALWAYS ALWAYS call it in to the Police. From the time our car received MINOR damage at an airport parking service to the time an errant wheel trim hit the front of Mr. Box. Both times the incident was put to bed simply by texting the Police Incident number to the other party and asking how they wished to proceed, Officially or Unofficially.
  5. Went through this a couple of times and can't say I enjoyed the experience at all. Sounds like you shouldn't have too much trouble convincing someone else how useful you are chin up and don't let the barstewards wear you down. let me know if there is anything I can help with round my neck of the woods.
  6. Those boyo's would be handy for valuing crashed Boxsters
  7. He also said it was an 'S' and yet I read some think it is a 2.5 Sincerely glad Chris has got an acceptable settlement, onward and upward mate good luck with the hunt
  8. Mr. Sheen is a reasonable substitute for silicone spray. Haven't seen a HOW-TO for this on here for years, well done
  9. And whilst that is all fine and dandy what idiot wants that sort of hassle? As I said with life insurance a non/disputed payment won't affect me but my nearest and dearest. Don't know about you but IMHO that's no way to run a railroad?
  10. You're welcome ? I wonder if the insurance companies have access to your/our medical records? Last time I applied for Life Insurance there were quite a few questions they neglected to ask BUT being an honest Joe I brought them up as I felt they were relevant mostly because if there was ever a need to claim it would affect my nearest and dearest. I might not even be there to benefit? I mean who hasn't had an STD
  11. Can't argue with you Glyn, BUT, and here is the BUT, the world is chock full of liars and thieves who would tell a lie that would send you to jail just to get themselves out of the situation. Also MOST on here are NOT your average Joe. IF they lack the nous to be able to recognise a CAT car they have the sense to entrust it to someone who does. I fully agree with your final paragraph and would add that anyone who has NOT been honest should have cover withdrawn and then treated as uninsured, jail the fellers and ban them from driving forever IMHO.
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