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  1. Transfer of camper van ncd

    Hi Neil - I''m currently in process of selling Boxster for a new VW California camper van - I have full NCB. Do you work with specialist insurers who would honour ongoing NCB ? Many thanks David
  2. NCB - how long before you lose it?

    Neil - many thanks for the helpful clarification- really appreciated. Best wishes David
  3. NCB - how long before you lose it?

    Oggy & Jons - really appreciate the helpful guidance and advice - very positive to know will keep NCB. I'll start discussions with Greenlight tomorrow to clarify re protected no claims! Will post what I manage to achieve in due course.......
  4. NCB - how long before you lose it?

    Oggy - many thanks for helpful update. Did Greenlight give any reason for taking away NCB protection?
  5. Appreciate I probably need to speak to Greenlight direct on Monday, but does anyone on the forum know how long your NCB lasts between owning cars ? I currently have full NCB with Greenlight and planning to sell a well loved Boxster S 53 plate after 9 years of fun to buy a VW Camper. Looks like the lead time might be 5 months and don't want to lose NCB during this period......if I have to keep the Boxster for the summer so be it:) Any guidance would be appreciated.