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  1. Had a good holiday but sometimes it's just great to be home!!!

  2. Yes when I spoke to Hagerty they refused to cover me because I am not an existing policy holder. Looks like I'm going with MORIS for single event cover - best annual policy with trackday is 400 more than best annual without
  3. Cheers - I knew someone had previously mentioned a company that I haven't considered and I think Peart are it!
  4. Remind me who does annual policies that include track days? Hagerty I know about. Aviva just quoted me >£1000 which is considerably more than they quoted me for my Boxster Who else ? Single event insurers are Heritage/Competition Cars, Nowell & Richards, Moris & REIS - any others ? Ta
  5. Is the modelling really that flawed or is it simply trying to model something that cannot be modelled due to lack of data. In terms of second drivers, you could claim and "sign up" to split driving 50/50 but in reality split it 95/05 - but if an accident ensues how can the insurance company prove that you have broken the agreement without undertaking a costly and error-prone (at best) investigation. They can't! So risk modelling is all about what works commercially rather than what reflects reality. Not arguing against anyone as it sounds like everyone is signing from the same songsheet but in reponse to the OP ... no idea, weird!!!
  6. Unbelievable - I am a great believer in changing insurers when the renewal is not a fair increase even if they are ultimately willing to price match. If they are trying it on then they can sod off. And that's not just talk - I have switched on principle several times.
  7. Speak to them (once you've got a competitive quote) and tell them you will be moving away if they don't match it. This has worked for me in the past but not at Kwik-Fit. I find LV gave me the best deal at around £340 inculding business use. I tend not to do this - if a company is willing to price match then they where either trying to shaft you in the first place or made no effort to find you the best deal in which case they can feck off - the only time I stay with an insurance company is when their initial renewal is reasonable.
  8. Statistically he is not a worse risk - statistically given the limitation of the system calculating the premium he is a worse risk. The system simply does not take due account of his situation and he is being penalised as a result. jmpower1974, I can understand why you are p*ssed off but is it worth the effort? You've already taken your business elsewhere - isn't that enough? I also doubt very much it is the "stupid tart behind the computer" - why would she?
  9. Good point - putting Mrs H on my insurance knocked almost £100 off
  10. Porsche Insurance themselves are worth a call and chuck in two "free" track days per year as long as you tell them before you go. Cover is provided by Norwich Union.
  11. I was £1000 last year which I found a bit worrying - simple answer is don't crash!
  12. I've just checked my cover note and I cannot see anywhere that it specifically states this but I'm sure I've read that somewhere!
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