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  1. Well, i gave them a call and despite me being in the same boat, they quoted 5 time more than Elephants. Whats up with this?! I mentionned what you managed to get off them, but she just suggested you to give them a call to confirm what you got!! What insureres are you with exactly, and more importantly, what on earth did you say to get it soooo low? Regards Popolou ← I'd better ring them back and check, although Churchill have also come in at £695 so its not far from that! Mine is a 2.5 too which seem to be cheaper now! When I was originally looking at Boxsters the 3.2 and 2.7's were cheaper to insure for me, don't know how that worked out! I told them what Churchill had quoted, and they went away to the under writers then came back with the quote, the Underwriters are Alliance and Cornhill! They done really well on the Golf also when I had to insure that, considering I had to start a new policy with 0 NCB they done that for just over £400 unlimited miles incl business Fully Comp!
  2. I've just had a quote of £673.67 on mine which is what I will go with...... £520 xs, unlimited Windscreen (£60 xs), Protected NCB, 90 days EU cover fully comp incl, unlimited stereo, and TPTF on any other car.... The company is Direct Choice (my Golf is with them too) they have a website but that was quoting me £1400+ Last year they were competitive over the phone so I phoned them again!
  3. They have been informed, I was happy to deal with it myself to begin with! If I get them to persue it does it affect my policy in any way??? Do I end up paying the excess then having to claim it back?
  4. Right as some of you are aware, I was hit in the rear last month (2nd May to be precise!). The Damage caused was a small ripple on the rear bumper, cracked paintwork and a later discovered rear shock (noticed at service). Anyway I wrote to the other guys insurance co (4th May 2005) and followed this up with a phone call, the result, he is not insured with us??? So phone the guy up (who has been helpful, the car is a company car) and he gave me the number of their broker, so I phone themk, the details have been forwarded to them from the first co, we seem to be getting somewhere............. anyway on friday (27th May) still nothing has happened so I decide to phone them (I have been chasing them twice a week all the way through) and they say they have nothing to do with that particular car, but are an agent for this guys company! so they tell me to phone another broker (this broker phoned me at the start of the month to say they would sort everything out at one of their approved body shops - not Porsche) I phone them and as I am not happy to go anywhere other than Porsche I have to deal with the insurance co direct, this being the first insurance co I contacted! So I call them again, and they say they have not received the paper work, even though I had sent it too them on the 4th and they had forwarded it on elsewhere! No record on the computer is what they tell me so I go back to the Broker who says he will forward on the details and tells me to phone back on Monday (yesterday!). I phoned them yesterday and they now have the record of this claim, so I tell them about the additional damage (Shock) and they tell me to get another quote over to them and that they will phone back with a claim number, so I do that and they dont phone back! So today I phone them and they tell me the system is down and that they cant do anything today..........so apparently they are going to call me again tomorrow!!!!!!! This is really starting to p155 me off, my MOT is due on the 17th (while at Le-mans with the car) I need to get this sorted before I go (2 weeks tomorrow), obviously I cant get an MOT with a faulty shock! What should I do?? Any advice greatly appreciated........ should I just get the car booked in for the Shock at least and hope I get it back???? I feel like I am being punished for what the other party did..... Can I claim compensation for them arsing me around?? I've not been able to use my car to its fullest potential! Hope that all makes reasonable sense, any help much apprecaited (again!) Also if I don't get anywhere tomorrow should I get my insurance involved??? is that a good Idea??? not sure if that will affect my premium???
  5. My renewal from Tesco is £640..... Not done any major ringing round yet but will have to this week and next.....
  6. When I was 23 (those were the days!) I was getting quotes for around £1900 for all models of boxsters (2.5, 2.7, 3.2) The 3.2 being the cheapest for some reason! Tesco were the cheapest at the time! Ended up increasing the excess with tesco and paying 1500 ish for the first year with 2years NCB!!!! Now coming up to my 25th Birthday I have just been quoted £695.10 with 4 years NCB......
  7. My best quote coming through at the moment is £695 with Churchill.......... Tesco is £975, Carol Nash is £2500ish! Anyone got any competitive quotes recently from others?? I will be ringing around quite a bit if not so I may be able to answer that question in a couple of weeks myself! Will telling them the car will be garaged at my new house help?? The above quote is for still being at home with the car on the drive! 25 years old with 4years NCB
  8. Adrian Flux wouldn't quote me on my Boxster, I was insured with them for 2 years when I had my Ibiza Cupra.
  9. This is who I had a quote from! Taken from http://www.intotheblue.co.uk/track-days.shtml "Special track day insurance is available from Eggar Lawson, Tel. 0115 941 5255."
  10. Just gone back to 100%!!! Porsche phoned to say that the original loan car had been written off, so I had to change my cover note. Phoned Tesco and the very nice sounding girl (They always sound nice!) changed the cover note with no problems, then said did we charge you the last time? I said yes and the response I was expecting was - ok we won't charge you this time - but instead it was, oh we shouldn't have, I will debit the money back to your account So just like to say thank you to whoever wrote off that car, you saved me £7.35. But I hope you are well and the accident wasn't too serious.
  11. With my BMW, we insured it in my mums name! We only just got the NCB they would have run out in October 2003, the last time I was insured in her name must have been 2001 so that would be 2 years!
  12. I just phoned Tesco, even after spending £916.65 on the renewal they still charged me £7.35 for a cover note on a Boxster S for a day! So now 99.5% happy! I'll definatley get some use out of that courtesy car now!
  13. I'm with Tesco, have been ever since I got the Boxster, so 1 year next week! Hardly anyone has come close to their £916 renewal premium! I have had one which only beats it if you look at the difference I would have to pay on the excess, but I don't plan to crash so I'm prepared to take the risk! As for service, the policy was posted to me, they changed this for the private plate FOC, and that is basically all the service I have needed throughout the year! So first class! Not had to experience the claims procedure! They dont cover trackdays though!
  14. Just had a company beat Tesco, by £37, better than nothing I suppose, Its with Direct Choice (Taylor Price), Will have to check the quote when it comes through! Any one Interested they are on 01638 676248, There head office is in my Town!
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