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  1. Good quote from A-Plan

    they wanted £1400 from me for a 997
  2. SAVED A PACKET for a change

    I found A-Plan & Bridle ridiculously uncompetitive the best quote I had (from a non Bells / Admiral / Elephant company) was £1200 & they were at least £500 dearer. 33 year old, nice postcode, no points, 9 years NCB, park on street, 997 C4S Convertible.
  3. The Revolution Care Package

    I'd suggest, with my marketing hat on, that you could look at offering a few options. Id set it out like this: Option 1: Engine only cover, c. £300-400/ year - this would cover the known modes of engine failure that affect water cooled Porsches namely D chunk, IMS failure, bore scoring etc. If you assume that failure is 5% of cars & it costs you say top whack £4000 to fix each engine you'd be doubling your money & I'm sure there would be lots of interest in this - I would certainly consider it on my 997 Option 2: more comprehensive cover - gets tricky though as you get into 'what is wear & tear' etc and 'what bits are & aren't covered' Option 3: full maintenance cover - for say £1500 a year to include an aspect of warranty & servicing. For parts like brakes it would probably only be fair if consumers pay for parts as they would have no incentive to not look after the car.
  4. Hi All, Have been with DL for about 7 years they are consistently the cheapest (normally around £1150, SW London, 31, 1 claim in last 5 years, 3 points in last 5 years, 987 2.7 parked on street, 9 years no claims bonus.) Today I renewed with Greenlight, who acted as a broker for Highway Insurance, part of LV. Cost me £875 for like for like cover & they only have UK based call centres. The interesting thing though is that they do trackday cover in the uk as an addition to policy, for £50 a time, and the excess is just doubled - they don't offer it a Combe as he said they had more claims from Combe than all the other tracks put together. He said they haven't had any claims from Bedford ever. Only for UK but still really good value I thought - I would definitely do this if I was going on a trackday. Anyway thought I'd share.
  5. crazy insurance quotes

    It always amazes me that someone as young as can afford to buy & run such a good car, good luck to you I say!! Thought I did well getting mine @ 27. I'm 31 now, 8 yrs no claims, no points, good area, £1100 (up from £800)
  6. AA Gold Warranty

    When I was last at GT-One in Chertsey, having a linkage replaced under warranty (Warranty Wise), they told me AA was one of the better companies they dealt with, just be sure that they will pay a realistic hourly rate to a non franchised garage, like £70/h, and make sure that the maximum claim limit is £10k so you can get a new engine if you suffer the dreaded IMS failure
  7. Feeling a little morose

  8. Ripped off?

    Yes they would definitely care - that will show them! A certain percentage of people will always renew without question & this will generate more profit than the value of a low margin retention in an industry with very little loyalty anyway. They will judge what percentage of people leave & adjust the amount they try to increase the renewal by on a moving basis I use Direct Line & check their renewal every year & it is unbeatable each & every time, currently paying £850 with 5 years protected no claims, 3 points & 1 claim in last 5 years, 30 years old living in London driving a 2006 987 2.7
  9. tax and insurance

    * I'm 29 YO male * Live in C.London & park on street * 1 Accident in 2007 * 3 convictions last 5 years, although I presently have only 3 points * 987 2.7 2006 manual * 12,000 miles/ year * £1145 a year with Direct Line, most others wouldn't even offer me a quote * DL have been great, they've never made a penny out of me - bt they won't negotiate on price.
  10. insurance renewal due

    1998 2.5 986 29 years old + 28 year old gf on policy Direct Line Central London postcode 1 accident last year 6 years protected NCB 3 convictions in last 5 years 12,000 miles £1150 & apparantly it won't get any lower now as I'm at full no claims Still the lowest quote I can get by an absolute mile, quotes were £1800-£4500 Got a quote for a 987S and it was £1900