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  1. It's true I is old, very old :-P
  2. My bad, sorry guys I thought this was in the Insurance section
  3. I've just been royally screwed by Adrian Flux, I renewed my policy on the Cossie on 28th March as I had no idea when the car would sell. Sold the car today, refund of policy from Adrian Flux came to £209, so in effect I paid £181 for 17 days insurance. No wonder the customer services person sounded very embarrassed. Avoid like the plague.
  4. I have RAC family cover for 3 cars Home Start the lot, costs about £130. When the Audi cover ran out (which is run by the RAC) I took the RAC offering as they had been so useful with punctures etc. As all the cars are out of warranty I figure its a small price to pay for peace of mind.
  5. Direct Line wanted a tracker fitted to mine when I first bought the car, but that was due to a valuation around £20,000, so I went elsewhere. I called them this time around and the requirement for the tracker has gone away as the car is only valued around £14k. Lesson is, don't big up the value of the car or they will ask for a tracker.
  6. Melting.... And I thought my assets were frozen........
  7. mums go to Iceland! apparently........
  8. Try Admiral Multicar policy, they matched my NCD from my Audi to my Boxster, when I first got the car.
  9. It covers Europe as well.....so I suppose it's covered, I'll ask when I'm going over there.
  10. The Boxster was £560 with declared remap, which was £100 cheaper than Admiral on the multicar policy, including the European Cover and Recovery and the 2 Trackdays which would have cost me £135 each. I figure that's pretty good. Now I just have to get a good quote for Mrs P's Modus.
  11. Just got a renewal quote from Porsche Insurance which beats the pants off my Admiral multi-car policy and includes 2 track days and full European cover. RESULT!!!! It's saved me £135 on the track day insurance for Donny and they were so good they've got my Audi covered as well. You'll find their contact details on the Porsche website.
  12. I pay about £1,100 for the Boxster S, a modified A3 Sportback Diesel and a Renault Modus from Admiral with their Multicar policy.
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