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  1. I presume joe is trying for a quote for the C4S - they don't like that
  2. del, why don't you give them a call to put your mind at ease, but: a) They have told me that so long as you don't increase the engine size then pretty much anything goes (within reason) - exhausts, air filters etc. "cosmetic" enhancements such as wheels don't need to be declared - I sent them the full invoice for my car and they didn't bat an eyelid. They also confirmed they will cover the full value of my car, including optional extras - which a lot of other companies wont. Unless your car is worth over £50K then they don't need to know specifics. b ) don't know - would suggest you are up-front and ask c) they don't need a tracker. Can't remember about garaged/driveway. d) correct, they don't car about miles, and SDPC is their standard cover. I'd suggest you phone them - you will be surprised, they have a very liberal policy with few restrictions. Also if you look back over other threads there has been reports of claims, which seem to be very favourable.
  3. Both myself (28) and the wife (26) are named on our Liverpool Victoria policy - prior to that it was Elephant.co.uk, but their cover was rubbish.
  4. We should maybe try to approach liverpool vic for some sort of forum member discount seeing as they seem to be able to do little wrong at the moment - maybe they'd also be interested in a spot of advertising on-site
  5. Strange - LV have me insured, 28....must be your postcode.
  6. Seems pretty cheap - why question - just take it!!!!!
  7. It does seem high - is it gap between settlement and purchase, or settlement and outstanding finance? There can be quite a difference and gap to finance can end up as a zero payout....i.e. if you are repaying around £500 per month and the depreciation is around £500 per month, then your gap insurance is worth f-all.
  8. I have nothing but praise for them so far....even phoned them to ask if upgrading the brakes and airfilter would be ok, was told they don't mind any mods except ones which change the size of the engine or give >10% bhp gain, so don't even have to bother telling them about them.....add that to track day cover etc and they're the best I've found yet.
  9. I'm under 30 and got an on-line quote from Liverpool Victoria - must be postcode + my car is garaged.
  10. seems awful high - have you tried all the usual suspects - elephant, tesco, liverpool victoria? Premiums have gone up a lot this year due to the increasing compensation culture (at least that's the excuse the insurance cos are giving )
  11. For those who didn't believe. I asked for a written statement that the car was covered for track day use...received in this morning. VERY pleased!
  12. I changed to Liverpool Vic for this reason - and even sent them a copy of the invoice with all extras listed, just so there's no way they can say I didn't declare anything.
  13. My policy is the same helen, but it woill only cover the other card 3rd Party - don't think the DRB would be happy with that.
  14. £75 isn't a bad price if it's fully comp. Take it and run.......
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