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  1. Brake Cleaner - Lots of it Copper Grease - this will make any future work easy (it goes onto all mating surfaces, EXCEPT the pads and disks mating surfaces - spread it thin tho) Easibleed and/or someone to pump the pedal when bleeding 2 litres Brake Fluid (you might as well flush all the old out - start bleeding with the caliper which is furthest from the Master Cylinder) Be very careful when loosening of the Bleed nipple - they have a tendency to snap off and then you are in poop.
  2. I have just insured my "new" 19 year old Merc thru A-Plan (this is active car number 3 now!). Very good service and were brilliant when I had a claim last year...
  3. teknow, I can echo you. Steve at A Plan was a pleasure to talk to, quick to quote and though they worked out £5 less than my present insurer, I just decided to renew with Tesco (£454), since the no fault claim that I had in February was dealt with efficiently and to my satisfaction. I will definitely be contacting Steve again next year for a renewal quote.
  4. I had a great, competitive quote from Steve at A-Plan. Thanks Steve.
  5. What rates have you got, so far? I assume that you have gone through the normal comparison websites?
  6. Admiral last year - £655 Admiral this year on renewal notice - £667 Admiral on phoning them to tell them that my wife had another "dink" on her car and someone "dinked" my car whilst she was driving (not wifey's fault) - £821 I must say that I am extremely satisified with Admiral since about 6 weeks ago, a young lady bumped into the rear of my Boxster and slightly damaged the bumper. She admitted fault and within 30 minutes of the accident, Admiral called me and told me to take my car into Bodytechnik in Slough. Was given a Corsa as a courtesy car and a week later went to collect my car from them - they only work on Ferrari, Porsche and Bentley (approved repairers for all of them). I was taken on a tour of the repair shop and you could have eaten off the floor. Drooled at the 430 / 599 / Turbos / GT3s / 997 / CGT all in various states of undress and my humble 986S was there. Brand new bumper, and all bits. Perfect Polaris Silver paint job. No claim from my side, since other party also insured with Admiral. 48 - 8 yrs Claim free group, protected.
  7. @ Spyderman :You CANNOT drive the car withour Tax in order to get it taxed. Your insurance will not be void if you drive an insured car if the tax has expired. What you are liable for is driving an untaxed vehicle. Your insurance will remain intact.
  8. hates Health & Safety at the moment...

  9. capeboy....Claim and don't fek about. Go home, light the braai, have some boerie en 'n kelkie wyn....
  10. Bell / Admiral - I initially used them for first year's insurance (they are the same company), but on advice, determined that they had the option to use secondhand parts / pattern parts on repair So, I bit the bullet and went Porsche Insurance which was £120 more p.a. for new, OPC parts and equivalent replacement vehicle. You can only compare like for like and they do not equate.
  11. Have you tried Porsche? Guaranteed that you will get a decent loaner, includes track days (except for The Ring). Admiral / Bell / Elephant - I also got a cheaper price from them but they reseve the right to use second hand parts when repairing your car if it is more than 3 years old, IIRC and that's why I went with Porsche Insurance.
  12. 46 me - FNCB - 3 expired points 46 wife - 2 Claims - 3 points £430 Excess Overseas Cover Fully protected / Legal Cover / Personal Accident Insured with Porsche Insurance £776
  13. Nic - I am looking for someone to apply a feminine touch! My missus idea of the aforementioned would be a few cosmetic applications of the neighbours basecoat rubbed gently down the side accompanied by a fierce scratching sound!
  14. Not to worry - I have a great deal of experience doing circumcisions....
  15. Have gone with Bell in the end and after adding Protected NCG and Legal - £720....ouch - I couldn't punish The Guv'mint by exlcuding her. Sadly, though, I will be leaving the Box for 5 weeks whilst going to South Africa for holiday over Crimbo til end-Jan.
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