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  1. Well I'm pleased to report A-Plan are the boys so far. In fact they've blown me away. GTI is ok £389 but this is irrelevant anyway as I'll be moving this to the Boxster in 2 weeks. My Boxster premium they've quoted me is £480.00 which I'm loving so I just pay the difference when I take delivery for it. Given it's a limited mileage, locked garage at home etc. Good policy too, legal fee's all covered, uninsured loss, courtesy car, etc very happy indeed with that, so out of fairness to Nathan at the site sponsor I'll see what he can do but if not then I'm sorted. thanks Anne and Boxsey so much you've made me very happy indeed :) :) Would you recommend Roadside assistance for this and if so anyone in particular, AA, RAC etc, what type as home,recovery, rescue etc? Cheers
  2. Thanks Oldman got the number Its 01462 428150 if anyone wants it. Closed at the mo, will call tomorrow and see what the crack is.
  3. Thanks, the only problem is I need to have insurance for my other car to get the tax on it. I've just given Sainsburys a mouthful and they said they'll now sort it, so I'm just going to see what Nathan can come back with on Monday and go from there. I've calmed down a bit now, that whelp from Peart really annoyed me.
  4. Does anyone know a flexible insurers? I'm really struggling. Both Adrian Flux and Peart Associates have blown me out and won't insure me on a car like this because "I have no experience of driving a vehicle of this type before" Despite the fact I've driven for the last 14 years, the last 10 of them for a living practically, but bring a slightly fast car along and it's bye bye kansas I could understand if I was 18 and just past my test but personally I think they are having a laugh. The guy from the Peart even had the cheek (after he'd told me they wouldn't insure me for the first year) to ask if he could call me in a years time to offer me a deal, so I introduced him to the sound of a click and then a very long pause I'm 31, have company car no claims history for the last 8 years and will be limiting the mileage to 5000 max for the year and the car will be in a locked garage. Got 1 speeding issue but that was dated 08/2003 and If I send my license in they will take it off, which I'm tempted to do as then I can say my license is clean but I hate the way they ask for 5 years for convictions, if its not on my license then I won't remember it. My Wife is also going on the insurance but she's 2 years older than me and also has a 3 points dating back to the 09/2004. The other issue I have is I need an insurer who can insure me on a Pegeout 206 GTI (so I can get it taxed quickly) and then insure me for just 1 journey so I can take this car to the dealer for the trade in, then I'll need insurance for the Boxster for the journey home and then on-wards. Sainsbury's offered me a good deal for about £500.00 but asking them to cover me for the GTI in 1 movement and the Porsche in the next has totally confused them and they are all over the shop which doesn't inspire me with any confidence. Nathans doing me a quote at Abacus (site sponsor) but he doesn't think he can get near the above price, I really don't think I should be paying £700 for a car I'm hardly going to drive, the sad thing is the whole episode makes me think I should just leave it and I'll just save my money and not get one at all. Any suggestions?
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