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Found 2 results

  1. Thought I’d post a quick video on where the jacking points are on a Boxster and how to lift it onto stands. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=La6i3TwMB8k Car used: Porsche Boxster S 986 They'll be a lot of situations where you'll need to get under your car and you'll want to do it safely. To do this you will need to know where on a car is strong enough to be a lifting point and where to safely position stands. The quicker and, in my opinion, safer solution is to use a set of ramps. I'll go through both options. Here’s a summary of what we’ll be doing: 1. Crack wheel nuts 2. Lift 3. Place stands 4. Lower the car Tools · breaker bar · socket set · locking wheel nut adaptor · jack · stands · ramps · torque wrench I listed the ones I use on my website http://road-and-race.co.uk/tools 1. If the task you're planning to do requires the wheels to be off then you'll need to loosen the wheel nuts before you lift your car. Take your breaker bar and attach the correct size socket and turn anti clockwise. if your car has locking wheel nuts you need the adaptor 2. Park your car on a level surface. 3. Then you’ll need to find a strong enough place on the car to lift it by. There are two solid mount areas on side of the car. Check out the video above for where they are. 4. Most jacks have a release mechanism which allows the jack to lower. To start you'll need to turn the handle clockwise to lock it ready for lifting. 5. If you just need to raise the front of the car place you jack on the lifting point near the rear wheel. Jack until your car is high enough then place a stand under the front lifting point. Slowly lower the vehicle to rest securely on the stand. Repeat for the other side. It’s the opposite approach if you just want to lift the rear of the car but remember to place chocks under the front wheels to stop the car rolling forward. 6. Now if you need to lift the whole car you’ll need to use a use one of those strong areas we talked about earlier. On my Porsche you can lift the rear from this point near the differential and the front from this reinforced chassis section. (please see the video above) 7. As before place a stand under the jack point and lower the car 8. Test the car is stable by giving it a moderate push - you want to make sure it’s safe to work under. 9. The other option is to use ramps. The disadvantage is that they are more expensive and can only lift one half of the car. They are also no use if you need to take they wheels off. The advantage is that to use them you simply drive on them so save a lot of time and I personally feel much safer working under ramps than stands. I got mine from Race Ramps. Lowering the car back down is the opposite of the lifting process. Don’t forget to use a torque wrench to tighten your wheel nuts to the correct torque. On my Boxster the wheel nuts should be tightened to 130 Nm. [21]Not recorded yet [22]Need to record [23]To record
  2. Southy

    How to videos

    Totally nicking @vroomba thunder but I thought these videos needed more promotion, they are that good they need a specific home -
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