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Found 1 result

  1. Suggested Tools: - Selection of Torx bits - Posidrive bits and screwdrivers - Selection of sockets & spanners, mostly 10mm and 13mm but a 19mm is also handy - Some prying tools - a trim remover is useful, as it anything like a flathead screwdriver - Patience and if it all gets stubborn: - Dremel - Penetrating Fluid - Hammer Apologies if this is a bit 'scrappy', but here you go... Step 1 - Remove the Bumper Cover... Thought I'd done a guide for this, but there's one already in the forum somewhere.. Step 2 - Remove the Front Light for that side... Quite easy, be concerned if this step is a worry. Step 3 - Remove the wheel arch liner I did this without removing the wheel, but I did use a jack for more clearance Step 4..... There are 7 x T30 screws that hold the inner edge of the wing to the front tub. These are typical screws, with the 'snap' being quite tough, then then screw out by hand. I had to cut deep slots into some of mine in order to crack them, so I'd recommend checking these will loosen as the first task. A couple of these are hidden under the scuttle panel, so you'll need to whip it off... I found that you can loosen off the bonnet hinge/bracket, allowing the uppermost bolt to slide from under (no need to remove the whole hinge or disturb the hood. The light tray doesn't need to come out at this stage, if at all (depending on what you're doing), but it is held in by three 19mm nuts. Next up, these 10mm nuts will need to be removed. I find an Irwin Bolt Remover set is invaluable for the "no-longer-10mm" nuts like that of the left one. The washer reservoir also needs to be moved. There are two push-fit lugs at the back, and just one 13mm bolt holding it in place (upper centre). If your washer bottle is quite full (like mine was) it will probably leak everywhere. Once this is out of the way, you should see the three 10mm bolts (removed in pic) that hold the wing to the A pillar bracket. There is also a single 10mm bolt at the lower that bolts the base of the wing to the cill (facing outwards). Next, unfortunately, you'll need to detach the radiator cradle. Unfortunately, it seems that the same bloke who made the anti-roll bar links is the same one who was responsible for the front wing bolt. It's buried deep and can only be realistically accessed with the cradle loosened. First bolt is on the inner edge of the tub, 10mm. Then you'll find two 13mm bolts on the underside (one visible in each pic) Once these are loose, you'll be able to pop the cradle lug out of the rubber grommet (within the bracket pictured) This should then give you access to tilt the cradle and access the 10mm nut that bolts the wing to the tub. The last one is just visible to the upper left of this photo - it's another 10mm nut similar to the last At this stage, you should now be able to slide the wing off, with some jiggery pokery (especially around the bonnet hinge). I replaced my wing as I wasn't happy with the paint quality. It had blatantly been sprayed, as had my door on that side, but doesn't appear to be due to accident damage - perhaps scratches or stone chips. By the time the door had changed, you could see the colour match on the wing was awful too. Here's the old and "new" side by side, with the back of the old panel also shown.... Anyway, you should now have everything 'off'. Refitting is the reverse (my photos were actually taken during the refitting, rather than the removal). When replacing, but sure to get everything lined up nicely before you start tightening bolts up.
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