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Insurance for UK Boxster that is mostly in France

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I had the same problem when I went to live in Spain lots of years ago.

The only answer then was to insure through a Spanish insurer - not sure about these days.

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Unfortunately, it seems that French insurance companies are not keen on taking on UK residents with UK registered cars.

Because they're not legally allowed to under European law, the same way as a UK insurance company won't insure a French registered car. The Spanish insurance companies do insure UK reg cars indeed but that's totally illegal and will offer no protection in case of claim. Fair assumption that Pothole will claim the opposite, and that if you heel and toe then you're OK. :laughingsmiley:

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As I flagged, this is a nightmare. Do let us know if you find a solution.

Failing that, what is the financial cost of buying it in the UK and then re-registering it in France? Does it work out much cheaper than buying it in France to begin with, or does it eat all the savings?


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Menoporsche is right. Unless you register and insure the car in France, long term insurance is going to be a nightmare or expensive.

It is a matter of risk. You see a lot of foreign plated cars in the UK that are owned by people living in the UK on a temporary basis and some on a less temporary basis but that will be insured in their country. I see the same here in Parma working for an international organisation.

As long as you can convince your insurance company that in case of an accident you were just on a (regular) visit to France and you are still resident in the UK, you may be OK (assuming you don't have to prove it with a recent ferry/tunnel ticket with the car's details :lmaosmiley:). This is perhaps a risk worth considering with an old and cheap car but not with an expensive one like a porker. This is one of the reasons why I have my car registered and insured in Italy even if insurance costs are much higher here.

A question that you also need to ask yourself is what happens if another person has been injured in the accident and your UK insurance company refuses to pay. This is my second reason.

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I know that my old insurance with Adrian Flux covered me for half my yearly mileage in anther country. So for example if I said I was doing 5,000 miles in one year I could do 2,500 in anther country.

I would recommended them as far as cancelling or changing your insurance, then they are ass holes.

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Being a Brit living in France myself , I feel your pain.

Here are the options I found under VERY massive searches :)

The problem is as mentioned above, you are not legal enough for French insurance. There are quite a few that WILL offer it to you over here. The problem you have though is when you come to claim as they use typical insurers loopholes to wriggle out of it, I have seen it happen many times to friends.

The best youll generally get over here is to fess up that it's a brit [non French car] - you will get 3 months really at best insurance. They will only offer you 3rd party though and it's only a temp insurance whilst you get the car started on a full France register and plate change etc.

You can use :

ECar - they have a 'casual' policy that you pay each month and cancel when you want to as it's a monthly policy. This policy covers europe and is really supposed to cover travelling only I was told in an e-mail. Not really supposed to be used for living or long stays in France. This option is quite pricey. As a guide - I pay 160 euro per month for this option. I took this option as I could not decide if I wanted to convert to French or not and I was at the time unable to find other options until I found the ones below. Now I am likely heading to S Ireland with work :)

E Car also have a full year policy with full european cover - again quite pricey.

StuartCollins is another option as they deal with ex-pats. As a guide, here was my quote.

This is an extended foreign use scheme with AXA Insurance.

10) Porsche Boxster, 2500cc 1999 year, Comprehensive cover (with £500, Accidental Fire & Theft excess) driving by the Insured only, subject to 3 years intro no claim discount the premium is £870.85. [1045 euro] - with stuart collins you must pay the whole balance in one, they have no monthly options.

The final option I found was http://www.italsure.com

On the same basis as stuartcollins with main location being France - they quoted me 1157 euros. with an excess of 187 euro. With Italinsure, you pay half first, then the remainder is paid in 2 payments 3 months after the first payment.

Italinsure call it their expatriate scheme.

I say final as I spent literally 2-3 months trying to get insured and spoke to many French insurers and many UK insurers. If there's other options, they are well under the radar but I would be interested in hearing of them :)

Hope this helps. Please do NOT get sucked in to a French company saying they will insure you without an issue , it's a Fib. Any proper French insurer will either turn you down flat or offer you 3rd party only and only for a few months.

Your final option is to speak to your current insurers in the UK and get your euro allowance [green card] extended. Most offer a month or 90 days cover for Europe. the stipulation is that you tell them when you are going and when you return :)

You are only allowed to keep the car British for a year maximum over here, after that time, if you live in France you will be asked to convert the car and French reg it etc, fairly understandable really.

One way around this however is to have the car in your mums name as an example with you on the insurance policy. If you are ever asked about the car being in France for too long, you can 'honestly' reply that it's not your car and the owner has loaned it to you and they are a resident UK ;)

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