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Not trying to be the devils' advocate here but I know that insurance companies do consider some jobs as high risk (however arbitrary and wrong they are), entertainment, journalists, pilots etc...

Yup, and whilst I can understand there may be some logic to this general theory from a pure statistics standpoint, they apply it with no reason or logic at all!

Case in point - I received quite a high quote and when I questioned it I was told it was due to my profession as a pilot. The company "assumes I will leave the car in airport car parks unattended for long periods of time".... I pointed out that the policy was social, domestic and pleasure only... not commuting. Answer? "Sorry, that's just the way it is"!

Insurance companies are absolute dogs who will do everything they can to wring every penny out of you and then try their hardest to avoid paying out even for legitimate claims. They are a (unfortunately) necessary evil in my opinion, but still scumbags!

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