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Totally nicking @vroomba thunder but I thought these videos needed more promotion, they are that good they need a specific home - 










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Southy, no "thunder" stolen at all!   It means a lot to have a long standing member recommend my videos.  Thanks for posting.  Also many thanks to Rowbos, E4brt and Toesdie for their kind words as it makes all the hard work worth it.

I ask, please Subscribe and Like on Youtube as it boosts the search results and will allow me to make more videos.   Also tell everyone you know to watch, Like and Subscribe too!!!!  :D

Any requests for future videos let me know as I'm planning the next 8 videos now.  Southy has already suggested putting the car in Service Mode (to access the engine) and changing  the engine belt. 

Neil B. (vroomba)

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Theses videos are the best I've seen on the internet. I like the style. They are so clear and have even given me the confidence to have a go. I look forward to seeing the one about putting the roof in service mode. The ones I've seen always leave me a bit unsure so have never tried it. I've put your website I'm my favourites. Not sure if this is what you do but I would love to see one on how to clean and treat the roof. I have a lot of green stuff on mine ( always park under trees). Is this just a hobby or do you service cars ? Well done and a big thank you. 

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So, so kind of you Mrkevuk.  It's so nice to have someone say they're "the best on the internet" - it's made my day! :D

Funny you should mention cleaning the roof.  I've not got trees where park (London) so not aware of the "green stuff" problem you have but I do have to remove the green moss that grows in the crevices on the roof. I use a stiff brush like a toothbrush and car shampoo so maybe that would help you?  I have filmed a show about car cleaning but have hesitated spending the 3 hours editing it it up as there are so many cleaning posts and vids I wasn't sure I could add any value?  If people want one I'll do one though.   I might post a survey next week to see what people are keen to see videos on.

Please Subscribe and Like on Youtube as it helps me make more videos and also you'll never miss an episode.

Please let me know how you get on with giving it a go yourself! 

No, I'm not a professional mechanic just an eager enthusiast. 




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I'm not really a long standing member, more like the young whipper snapper always posting cr*p although not as much as @Araf ! 

Although having trawled youtube enough times for 'how to' videos I know good ones when I see them

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