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Child seat air bag deactivation buckle DIY- 986

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This is my own DIY for the factory child seat airbag deactivation bar 'seat belt' buckle ONLY , as used in Porsche 986 (996) . Not applicable to 987 (997)


A. Following item contains tight fisted mingebaggery of the finest quality

B. If you do this it is at your own risk and I take no responsibility for any issues you may encounter, however it is a buckle to activate a switch and has no restraint duties! Therfore this is for information only

C. The air bag system is a safety item and if you have any doubts about the following- don't do it.


The CHILD SEAT OCCUPANCY coding has to be activated in any of the options below if not already done.

My Boxster had the CHILD SEAT OCCUPANCY bar fitted , and coding done.

To use a child seat there a number of options;

1. Buy a very expensive Porsche child seat with the relevant buckle fixture

2. Buy a knackered Porsche seat for slightly less and cut the buckle off

3. Buy or build a delete switch and plug it in


    OR this style as offered on ebay sold new and used,  (used) here

4. Consider doing a DIY buckle


DIY buckle - Parts and tools

I bought a VAG style buckle at a cost of £2.99 from the bay of evil like this

or take one of a breaker at the scrappy for £1. they are a standard design used in many manufacturers cars with 'blade' measurements of about 21.5mm (22mm nominal) width at the narrower clip in portion, 38mm length from the plastic T,  and 3mm in thickness.

Using a cutting disc I made a cut in the centre end of the buckle 'blade' 3.5mm wide

Using a grinding disc I took 1.25mm off both edges of the buckle blade for a distance of 20mm from the now cut end, gives a 19mm width

I rounded the 'fork' ends to resemble the OE buckle as shown in the Pelican Parts article.

Every edge was smoothed with 600 grit w&d.

Now this worked perfectly in my car but there are no guarantees  and you may have to fettle slightly especially as i suspect the ebay buckles are made east of Ipswich.

Plainly the mark2 will be done with a little more finesse and finish ?


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@ShazbotTop marks for the humour in the commentary and the ingenuity.  Not a mod I will need, my kids are fighting me to drive mine. But I like your style. 

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