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Renewal Time Madness

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13 minutes ago, John K said:

I'm pretty sure I've not been on a date night with @rowbos, fairly sure I would have remembered...

That‚Äôs the beauty of drugs ūüėĆ

You know that pint I bought you...

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On 11/27/2018 at 10:12 PM, rowbos said:

I have got much better quotes now.

Admiral are extracting the urine for an existing  customer.


Don't worry, they extract the urine on new customers too. I've had my 107 with LV and my Boxster with A-plan, then ¬†Locktons, but heard so much about multicar I thought I'd give it a try. Admiral came up with ¬£690 which is ¬£200 more than using a specialist for the Boxster. Asked LV for their Multicar and they came back with ¬£480 for both,¬†but mentioned they also do Classic policies so I asked for a quote for just the Boxster and they came back with ¬£144ūüėā, 107 was ¬£244, so I did a comparison search and got ¬£160 from Hastings direct as LV were unwilling to price match as they have in previous years.

I pretty much just want to be legally covered to drive since neither car is worth much, so this is perfect. Still can't believe how cheap the Boxster cover is. Just need to tax it and then it's back on the roadūüėÄ.

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