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Replacing the rear mud flap

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Not sure if this will be of any help, but replaced the drivers side rear mud flap today on my 987.2

This was my problem, the flap was cracked and filling up with dirt and road debris



There are 5 Torx screws holding it in position,


and ideally it would be a lot easier to do this with the rear wheel removed, but it can be done withthe right tools.  Two fixings in the inner wheel well;



Two further fixings underneath, one to the front and one located in the well and a final one located further under the car



Of course I didn’t have the right tools, the screwdriver handles I had were too long, therefore a Torx bit and mole grips were required to be able to undo them




Old one removed, you can see the dirt that builds up behind the part;




i purchased rhe new mud flap from Design9 off of eBay, approx £35


With a close up of the part number if needed;



once removed, I cleared out all the dirt and debris from around the inner arch. Before fitting the new one, remember to swap the clips from the old one otherwise the fixings have nothing to bite into.



The hardest part of refitting is to get the clip at the top to fit behind the wheel arch lip. Took a bit of jiggling, but once that’s in place, everything else seems to slide into place easily. All fitted and fixed;




whole job took about 30mins start to finish, probably would have been quicker if I had the right tools or removed the wheel first....

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Great guide and doesn’t it look a lot better.

These mudflaps seem to take a beating, I think I’ve got one that could do with replacement 👍

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Good write up. I’ll have to check mine now!

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That looks a lot tidier - well worth doing if only to remove the muck from behind.

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Nice write up Matt ....  Might as well put up a sign "Matt's Mod Shop"

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