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Cabin heater stuck on

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My Boxster wasn't content with the top of its to-do list, so has added in some hot air. Plenty of it in fact! Regardless of the temperature the cabin fan is set at, the heater is on full. My AC works (or at least it did just before this). 

Some research suggests this is relatively common, and that the part that mixes hot/cold air is the first port of call. Does this mixer lurk under the passenger side of the dash? Any tips from people who've had similar issues would be appreciated - is it likely to be a case of removing and cleaning parts, or should I be prepared to replace bits? 




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I had this problem when i first bought my Boxster. It was the temp sensor on the passenger side, its behind a slotted coverI think. Cheap unit from Ebay and a quick fix.  I will see if i can find a link...

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Thread resurrection time! So earlier on this year, my cabin temp was stuck on hot. I bought a new cabin temp sensor with a view to sorting it. 

The problem then miraculously cured itself, so not being one to expend effort unnecessarily I left it well alone in favour of other items on the to do! 

The problem is now back. The blower clearly works, the air is hot. However no matter what I do to the temp, I have hot air. I replaced the cabin temp sensor, but that's not cured it. I've had the bottom of the dash off, and I think I see two control flaps. Pictures following. When I change the temperature, neither of the flaps/arms move - should they? 

I also have no A/C. I had this issue before the temperature was stuck on hot, so it may be completely unrelated. 

Thoughts on whether the flaps should move and whether this suggests the motor needs replacing would be welcomed. 


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