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How To: Fit One Touch 3 Flash VW 'Komfortblinker' Relay Kit

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I'm starting this to make sure I force myself to complete the project, so here goes.

Because I'm a lazy *** I like the one touch 3 flash indicators fitted to many cars so with a bit of research I've found the parts and the method to use an official VW retro fit kit and it has frustrated me that my 2000 986 does not have this feature so here goes.

Kit: VW Part No. 000 998 229A (around £45-55 on eBay). Mine came from a VW main dealer selling on line and was the cheapest at the time


Tool list: T20 torx, long nose pliers, small flat screw driver, terminal extraction tool (<£5 on Ebay)


Consumables: Insulation tape, cable ties.

Now to follow the instructions found on 6speedonline:



Both helpful resources for this project.

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First step is to release the instrument pod in the usual method, start by taking the cap off the hazards switch and use the long nose pliers to pull out the relay the cover attaches to.  Remove the T20 screw from beside the socket.  The take out the microphone cover on the right of the unit and remove the T20 screw.  Then pull up on the pod to unclip it from the retaining clips.

Turn the unit so you can see the underside of the hazard switch plug and hold back the clip in the left to release the unit.  Not the large yellow rectangle on the bottom of the socket, the socket needs to go back in this way round.


Once released turn the socket over and you will see the 3 yellow rectangles of the wire retainer.  Using a small screw driver blade apply pressure on these to push the wire retainer out of the socket.


Looking at the face of the socket you can see a number 1 in the moulding. The pins the number right to left.


You need to remove the black wire from 1, black/green from 3, black/white from 6, brown from 8 and Black/white with green band from 9.  I found the terminal removal tool I got took a bit of getting used to but all came out OK once I got the technique except the brown wire which is thinner, don't know if there is a link.


Another view of the socket showing terminal to take out, basically all 3 down the nearest edge, far top corner and middle bottom.

Now to connect in the kit.  The wiring diagram is a modified version of the one from the instruction in the VW kit that was on 6speedonline.



The important bit to pay attention to is that the lose wire connectors from the connector from the add-on kit need to connect to the corresponding position that the wires were remove from in the hazard switch socket as there seems to me to be some conflict between the UK spec loom and the US spec looks in the 6speedonline write ups.

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I've been frustrated for years that my 2008 family Toyota doesn't have this, so watching with interest :) 

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First step in wiring up is to remove the female connector from the VW kit, just press in the two tabs. Then pull the two cable retaining covers open, these have the pin position numbers on them (they are very clearly marked compared to many connectors so I didn't need my specs!) so you can insert the cables into the connector as flows:

from Porsche loom                 to VW connector

Black/white green band            1

Black/green                                 2

Black/white                                 3

Brown                                           6

Black                                            7

VW loom              to Porsche socket (from my numbering above)

White/green                9

White                            6

Green                            3

Brown                           8

Black                            1


Test it at this stage to make sure function is as it should be by temporarily refitting the hazard relay (wrong way up first time for me...) so you know all is OK.

The next challenge is where do you put all the connectors and cabling.

I fed the VW socket with the connections to the hazard socket back through the hole in the dash and then behind so that it sits in the opening behind the speedo position. this leave a small bundle of cables that will pass behind the pod in front of the dash to the hazard socket but does not prevent the pod from going back into position.  I actually disconnect the pod to do this but having done it once I could probably have managed without.  Then feed the relay block (wrapped in foam to reduce potential rattling behind the dash and secured with the cable tie supplied in the VW kit!) and feed it to the left towards the centre of the dash,  The wiring to this can then be looped in the opposite direction and all is neatly stowed away.





So the tricky bit is done.  Re assemble the pod onto the dash, fix the two T20 screws, insert the hazard relay (the right way up...), clip in the mic cover and the hazard switch cover back in position.  Took me under an hour even with my 4½ year old grandson 'assisting' and stopping to take pictures so around 45 minutes would be realistic and under £50 budget.

I have found that if you hit the stalk very quickly you get a quick flash and then the 3 flashes which has been reported on the US forums, I imagine this is the Porsche flash followed by the VW flashes then kicking in.



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48 minutes ago, PaulQ said:

Sounds interesting, but what does it do.? 

Give 3 flashes to the indicator it you dont full latch it in the on position as many newer cars now do.  I found myself through having become lazy from having this function in all the other vehicles I drive too often only giving one flash in the Boxster which is a. unclear to others (was it a mistake) or b. missed by others when 3 are not.  Teh normal function when you latch the indicator stalk in position to signal is retained.

This is not a MUST HAVE upgrade by any stretch but an easy one if you want this functionality and no one in the UK seemed to have written it up.

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