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  3. Lowering Springs - yes please - I've replied to your post.

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  5. Mine dropped in perfectly on my 986 at the weekend. To confirm you cannot get the brace past the ARB on a 986 without undoing the ARB mounts. Nicely made product Mick. 👍
  6. Like the 'Bally Brace' name 👍 Torque to 65Nm or 48 lbft if you use the same torque as the original stud in this position. Nice write up, hoping to fit mine tomorrow and I ahve done all new suspension in the last 9 months. @Araf any way to modify this thread into a How To and copy it to that section of the forum?
  7. Fin

    Hi Dan , text me or what's app if easier  on 07511125450  Cheers Fin


  8. Hi Paul Was that 987 seats? I think they come apart quite differently and PITArsedly from the 986 ones...... Berni
  9. I got the same feeling also, there is a tangible difference, not light and day but definitely worth doing.
  10. just back from another one of my '#NoHibernationOnMyWatch' runs... as some of you know I 'retro fitted' a front brace to my car not so long ago and then the 'BallyBrace' today. could just be a placebo of course but I do feel a bit more confidence when driving the car hard. hard to put into words but I just 'feel' the car is under me better of late. of course, the difference both of these upgrades make isn't going to be as obvious as replacing your whole suspension... I think the last car I owned that I felt this much confidence with was my Peugeot 306 Rallye, and trust me, that
  11. @beaks, great write up 👍. Will be interesting to know if you can feel any difference.
  12. thanks bud. bought them direct from the USA from here - https://safejacks.com/collections/compact-jack-stands not super cheap (and of course, got hit for import duty when they arrived) but they're a really good product. you can't put a price on safety!
  13. Thanks for the write up. I have one on order too. Where did you get your Rennstands @beaks
  14. Hi all, Received my 'BallyBar' from @bally4563 today and whacked it on. It's a royal 'piece of urine' to fit, but thought I'd do a quick write up on here for anyone thinking of getting one. First things first - get the car up in the air. Apparently you can do it without jacking it up but I'm not the 20 year old gazelle I once was... Note - you don't need to take the wheels off but as it was up in the air I took the opportunity to give the brakes etc a once over. Next job, using a 13mm socket remove the anti roll bar bolts on both sides (shown as 1 in the photo be
  15. Hi mate, can you send me cost & payment info for 4 x colour centres for my 987.2 2010 please?

    Many thanks. 


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  17. What an amazing Tread, well done to you for this it has been a great help
  18. Win for you then. Awesome! I hate slippery insurance companies. As if there were any other sort. Looks like they came good though.
  19. Hi Jon, The insurance company has agreed to have a second opinion from another independent window firm and they'll then either repair the existing (1900 originals) windows or replace...no fee to me! Phew!! The subsidence happened 2.5 years ago during the extremely hot summer we had. The council had planted a fruit tree outside our house about 15 years ago and the theory is that it sucked all the moisture out of the clay soil that is in our area. It only really affected the bay at the front of the house but what a pain it's been. The tree was removed and the house stabilised and then
  20. £15000 has got to be a laugh. I have 4 sash windows on the front of my house - each one is as big as a patio door and they have a complex and rather fetching design. They are the original units - the house was built in 1895. I've been quoted around £10000 to replace all of them with modern double glazed units that retain the original features/shapes. Anyway listen to what they say to you and if they don't agree to your reasonable demands ask them who in the organisation you have to sue. Get a name and if all else fails either fill in a small claims court summons request or if the amount
  21. Not due to the condition. Key difference. The whole house is old, do they offer 50% for that? Claims Management job is to pay out as little as possible. They are trying it on.
  22. have you got the legal option on the household insurance? usually whilst via the main insurer the cover is provided by a separate underwriter, maybe they can 'independently' advise? (or maybe not due to the link) I'd expect you not to be in a bettered position but the way you describe it doesn't really seem reasonable....complain as necessary (they will have a formal procedure in place with set timescales generally max 8wks, but to try to resolve in 4wks) then https://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/ A complaint to the FOS will cost them a handling fee so whilst that's nowhere n
  23. Tell them to find some good second hand identical shape windows for £7.5k Or ask them to purchase the brand new ones, weather them to "unbetter" them before delivery to you that way they can take the betterment argument away ...
  24. The problem is they’re asking me for £7.5k before they proceed....I was asking advice to counter that for my call tomorrow. I think I’m on the right track but wanted to check my argument seemed logical and reasonable before I get my trousers pulled down in the morning!
  25. Not sure what the problem is then? Don't get involved you want it back to how it was so let the insurance company get on with it as their approved contractor will either repair or replace.
  26. Precisely. If they were to repair them would they be asking me for £7.5k? Nope. It’s just because their own independent window expert that they asked to report to them recommended replacement rather than repair as a cheaper alternative with a better end result that they are now trying on the “betterment” argument. I’d be happy for them to go out and buy some old windows and fit them as long as they’re the same function and aesthetic as before. I’ve never asked for anything to be improved (it didn’t need to be as they were in excellent condition anyway!). Urgh....
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