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  3. I am a happy customer and always recommend them. Great service and knowledge.
  4. Besides the above I've seen several positive comments on BoXa over the years about these guys.
  5. Just a huge thanks to Car Hood who have agreed to sponsor the website for another year! These guys are very generous and we really appreciate the support! @Car Hood Warehouse Thanks!!!
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  7. That was the issue - now sorted! Well
  8. have you tried using the blue (accessory wire) to power the Bose adaptor?
  9. Hi! I'm looking for black color crested caps too, are they still available? Cheers, Juho

  10. Think I might have tracked down the answer - the Connect2 loom has an amp switch cable which needs connecting to a switch cable on the head unit wiring (the pioneer wiring isn’t very clear, but is has a loose spur cable connected to the antenna power cable) - will try in the morning, but makes sense
  11. And I can’t help as I bypassed the Bose amp and used a better one
  12. David

    I have a 2002 Boxster S and am researching the OBC and the Cruise Control retrofits. I see you did these modifications some time ago. I am a little confused regarding the wiring into the DME. Is it the case that the 5wires to the DME are not required except on a 2000 MY vehicle. 

    Any assistance would be gratefully received.


    1. mavis.d


      Hi Tony

      It was along time ago but I really enjoyed doing it. My car was a 986.1 so I had to run the wires to the DME although I seem to remember only connecting 4 of them. I had read somewhere that if you connected, gery I think, it would fry the DME 🤪. so I thought try it first with 4 and see if it works which it did. I've just looked at Revoultion's web site and it's cheaper for the later models so that leads me to think it's the 986.2 that don't require the wires to the DME. What model is yours?

      Good luck


    2. TonyM


      Mine is a 986.1.

      I have been back through all the posts including yours and I apologise as I had misread the remarks regarding the connections.

      It appears that 4 wires are required to the DME from the Cruise control Switch, as indicated in your write up, what is not required is the connection from DME pin 18 to the Cruise light in the instrument cluster.

      I hope to do the install as soon as the 4 stalk arrives.

      Apolgies once again.


  13. Can’t help except to say I got my adaptors from Incartec and everything worked great. https://incartec.co.uk/Porsche
  14. Apologies for dredging an old thread but looking for some guidance on fitting a new pioneer SPH DA130,DAB head unit to a Bose system. I have the Connects2 ‘plug and play’ wiring harness with the Bose adaptor but I can’t get sound out of it! The wiring diagrams on both the pioneer and connects 2 are a bit sketchy but most of the plugs can only go in one place. I think issue is that the Bose amp isn’t be getting power (or at least not being switched on) - the fibre optic isn’t showing light when the head unit Is on - that said, the wiring diagram aren’t showing a separate switch wire
  15. The other side of it. I had a walking speed accident with a bike a couple of years ago. £2700 worth of damage on a 6 week old Honda CBF600 that would have got more scuffs if it had fallen off the side stand. My fault though. I also managed to gain 3 points on my licence for speeding that year. I changed Ins.Co. a month later, full disclosure and the premium went down by about £400 for the 5 vehicles. Don't ask me, I don't make the rules!
  16. Ok so I decided to go for the GTS diffusers. I’ve applied a coating of Gtechniq C4 to them so now is the time to put it all back together. Given the bumper is off it should be easy. 👍🏼👍🏼 Ps Thanks for the tips and hints chaps. It’s very much appreciated. 👌🏼👍🏼
  17. That's the letter of the law, I know. But not the spirit of the law, I think.
  18. You don't have to even make a claim. When you take out a policy the insurance company will ask whether you've have any accidents in the last x years (regardless of whether it was reported or claimed). If you respond 'no' when it should be 'yes' then you've probably invalidated the policy you've taken out and have commited a fraud.
  19. If you claim that much your insurance won't go back down to it's current level until they have all of their money back so you won't win. Or at least that's what happened to me.
  20. Got mine on last week, as the suspension is slightly tired it has made a discernible difference and is allowing the Michelin PS4's to really dig in. Nice to have a low cost mod that actually has an effect.
  21. That incident sounds pretty scary. I paid out £2,200 rather than claim on my insurance when my wife bent the car against a wall. I knew it would affect insurance premiums on our other cars despite NCD. In retrospect, I probably should have claimed but my instinct is to stay away from Insurance companies as much as possible.
  22. You have identified the dishonesty of all insurance companies, their slick adverts create the impression you loose nothing if for example you are hit by an uninsured driver - or they labour the point in the event of a claim your NCD is protected - but the sneaky slimy gits raise your premium and then apply your NCD at the old rate you had to the new premium, and it doesn't stop there - they declare the fact that once you've had a claim (even non fault claims) statistics say your more likely to have another claim - so your risk increases - and that's what premiums are based on, and the increase
  23. Any claim will be recorded on the MIB database so needs to be declared for ALL insurances. If the Boxster is a second car consider what a claim would do to any other insured vehicles costs and weigh it up as a total. Protected no claims just reduces the overall costs but you still have a claim so it will raise the premium.
  24. You’re welcome! Glad they have been useful.
  25. Aaron, thank you for your videos, they are really well done and have helped me already as I started fiddling around with my recently acquired 986 from 2002 (2.7L manual). I just gave the cowl louver the heat gun treatment to give it back its black shine, it worked beautifully. Radiators cleaned up (it helped that I crashed the car upon test-driving it and lost half the bumper... not my finest moment but I quickly learned you have to hold a Porsche in respect).
  26. My feeling is that to get a high quality repair I'm going to be looking at closer to £1000, therefore paying the excess is cheaper in the short term. Based on feedback here it seems that future premiums will be higher which on a performance car isn't fun. Planning to get 2 more quotes today, and then make a decision.
  27. Why would you consider claiming with a £500 excess? I have a non fault claim on my bike policy, another rider ran into the back of me, caught on video and he admitted liability, it has still raised my cars and bike premiums slightly.
  28. ^^^ What he said With a £500 excess vs the repair cost it would be lunacy to claim. As you have discovered although your NCD is protected your premium would increase as the discount % would be the same but off a higher premium.
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