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  3. From Admiral, £170 with no no claims bonus as this is my third car. Pretty happy with that!
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  5. The heat in LEDs is created in the electronics driving them so many come with an additional heatsink on the back as shown in the link Ash has provided. In halogens all the heat is in the filament which is glowing white hot and is then reflected and focussed on to the front lens causing the heat damage!
  6. Well that’s good to know, I might hunt out a set and try them out, thanks
  7. Know this is the case of some halogen bulbs, but don't think it's the case for (these) LEDs. YMMV with cheaper ones. The headlamp lenses are cool to the touch when these have been on, and were warm with standard halogens, so I'd argue they run cooler.
  8. Do those bulbs not get hotter and lead to burnt/discoloured internal lenses?
  9. Yes, they do. My first 986 had litronics, and my current car which has halogens were like candles in comparison. Just remember if you do go down the litronic route, these may still have the original (15+ year old in my case) bulbs which degrade over time, or some bulbs which are simply not good quality. I replaced them with Osram Nightbreakers. I too prefer the aesthetics of Litronics, but wouldn't swap them for looks. Purely function over form in my case. If you're just after better light output, I'd suggest trying a set of decent LEDs in place of the halogen bulbs. I use these in another car with halogens / relectors: https://www.powerbulbs.com/product/piaa-hyper-arros-led-h7-twin Have tested, and these will fit (including the driver) inside 986 halogens, and IMO are just as good as litronics in terms of output.
  10. Can someone tell me please…..do litronics give much better light/spread than standard halogens? I like the look of the units, but wouldn’t change just for aesthetics alone.
  11. Thank you for trying us though it's always worth checking again at renewal as insurers change their criteria and schemes all the time as well as developing new policy schemes available to us
  12. Not knocking A plan they used to do brother in law van and were very competitive , I tried when I first got boxster and they couldn't get me a competitive quote , you win some you lose some ,
  13. Locktons do mine , guaranteed value , track cover , genuine parts if in bump , Europe cover and breakdown cover , with limited mileage of 5k and salvage buy back if required , last year they came in at £250 fully comp , Chubb was the insurance company used last year .pcgb discount too , although this year on comparison site I can get it for £120 but without most of the stuff above
  14. No problem here if you need me! 01635 874646
  15. Thanks. I'm good for a few months yet. Was just taking a look at the Porsche option
  16. Would you like us to take a look for you?
  17. Me neither. Just ran a quote for my CGTS, 6000 miles a year. I’m a good boy,no points and just a windscreen claim in 2018. Came in at the bargain price of £1800 😂😂😂. Let’s just round it up to £2k shall we? 😀 Jokers
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  19. Im actually thinking of removing litronics from mine before sale, good to see its easy to retrofit halogens
  20. £160 this year. Admiral was a renewal at £260 so I compared and got £160 with QuoteMeHappy which I think is Aviva. I'm an old man now, just turned 40.
  21. ...for offroad use only obviously. I bought some of these: https://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/h7-twenty20-projector-led-headlight-bulbs-pair.html from ABD for £70 and couldn't find a guide to confirm which way up was the correct way to run them to get the correct beam pattern. As it's a bit of a faff to remove / reinstall the headlight unit I thought I'd throw this up in case it's of use to anyone else: 1. Wrong way up (although logically I assumed LEDs facing down would make sense) 2. Right way up 3. Installed, note there's plenty of room for the fan unit on the back of the 'bulb' and plenty of room to tuck the driver away. Connect the Brown to +ve and Yellow to -ve. 4. Original Halogen beam pattern, I taped markers on the garage door. 5. L/hand LED installed wrong way up. Beam throw is far too high. 6. Both LEDs installed correctly good match to the original pattern (as far as I can tell). Note the elegant way it illuminates the weeds on the drive. 7. 6000k 'white' light, with matching sidelights installed. Very pleased with results. Behind the projector lenses there's no way to tell they're installed. All working with no CANBUS errors, time will tell how durable they are - not sure about relying on a small fan to keep them cool and not failing under vibrations of driving but we'll see I guess.
  22. Just switched my Saga insurance over from the F-Type to the Boxster S as of midnight tonight. Only 2 days into a new policy but little change in premium @ £247 for the Porsche.
  23. Hi am interested in your iCarSoft dongle but am new to the forum so unable to post directly on the thread.  Have got loads of feedback on other sites if needed.




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      Hi Mark, 

      Happy to help - what would you like to know? 

      (An aside but would you like to take the conversation to eMail - ogp@deep-green.co.uk, or you could text/WhatsApp/call me on 07879 820967). 




  24. Had mine done recently both sides (only one was cracked but parts were cheap enough to do both) £22.40 a side from OPC for the plastics and a few more quid to renew the fixings.
  25. Thanks for this, mine is very similar, the same bottom corner, it's not cracked but a small bit right on the bottom corner has been scraped away. I'd imagine it was kerbed at some time.
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