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  5. Just had our building and contents renewal come and it’s £5 cheaper than last year.Wondering if that is the reason why?.
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  7. I would imagine so, can’t see any company volunteering to reduce their revenue. Reduced renewals will be offset by less attractive offers for those who shop around. Cheers Rory
  8. Or could this "package of remedies" mean that "new customer" prices will go up?
  9. Your renewals "may" be cheaper now, so there may be less incentive to shop around, but you may still be cheaper by shopping around for other companies.
  10. When it comes to car insurance I'm a consumer like everyone else (not a product I arrange myself)...whether many people are aware or not, the following will now apply: FCA CONFIRMS MEASURES TO PROTECT CUSTOMERS FROM THE LOYALTY PENALTY IN HOME AND MOTOR INSURANCE MARKETS The FCA has implemented a package of remedies to improve competition and protect home and motor insurance customers from loyalty penalties. This includes new rules, so that renewal quotes for home and motor insurance consumers are no more expensive than they would be for new customers. These measures address the issues identified in the FCA’s September 2020 market study, which found that millions of home and motor insurance customers lose out if they renew repeatedly with their current providers. In 2018, 6 million loyal policy holders would have saved £1.2 billion had they paid the average price for their actual risk. Many firms increase prices for existing customers each year at renewal – this is known as “price walking”. This means that consumers have to shop around and switch every year to avoid paying higher prices for being loyal. It also distorts the way the market works for everyone. Many firms offer below-cost prices to attract new customers. They also use sophisticated processes to target the best deals at customers who they think will not switch in the future and will therefore pay more. The FCA’s new rules will stop firms price walking. Insurers will be required to offer renewing customers a price that is no higher than they would pay as a new customer. In addition to the new rules on pricing for home and motor insurance, the FCA is also bringing in new rules to: • Give most consumers easier methods of cancelling the automatic renewal of their policy, • Require insurance firms to do more to consider how they offer fair value to their customers, and • Require home and motor insurance firms to report data to the FCA so that it can supervise the market more effectively A very good thing I think but where does that leave comparison sites? Will they cease to show savings as large as to date going forward? discuss!
  11. In case anyone is interested I've just moved to A-Plan. I got a good deal from Gareth who beat the price compared with the renewal quoted by my current provider. Thanks.
  12. Hi Michael, I recently purchased the Boxster you had from Russ. I look forward to learning from the forum and enjoying the car. 
    Lee 👍 

    1. bally4563


      Hi Lee,

      You have got a good purchase there, I bought it as an interim project, went right through it, replaced anything that was on the way out, put a clutch and Rear Main Seal in, changed gear box oil and fully serviced it, so just keep on top of oil and filter changes ( 12 months or 4K) and enjoy


  13. Sorry I missed your message, I was in hospital with my little one so wasn't online. I see you got it sorted with Churchill now, we've had higher than expected call times this week but our hold times haven't really gone over 10 minutes tops. Carlie
  14. @A-Plan Insurance My renewal is due in the next week, just tried to phone you but gave up after 5 mins holding. Can someone contact me? DM me and I'll provide a contact number Thanks EDIT - don't worry taken via Churchill, needed to get it done today due to other committments
  15. To add to this excellent post what I learned when I did it 10mm spanner for the bolt that holds the steering lock on T20 torx for other fixings Connect all wiring to the new unit before installing; I forgot to connect the immobiliser plug and it’s difficult to fit in situ I didn’t remove the steering wheel and it didn’t make life too difficult to work around it The torx screws are different lengths, take photos of them next to where they came out The Torx screw under the microphone is deeply recessed and could be tricky to retrieve; I taped it to my torx drive to get it started in the thread to fit the key barrel in the new steering lock I moved the lock with a screwdriver to position 1, (ignition on) then inserted the barrel. Took a bit of trial and error but worked Cheers
  16. edc

    Horn Fix

    @Araf this needs to be saved in the how to's.
  17. CRC

    Horn Fix

    Recently, I've noticed that whenever I get myself physically into into the car, the horn invariably beeps at me (that's the car horn and not the alarm). I assumed that I must have been inadvertently pressing on the horn part of the steering wheel, but then last week on a drive, it became apparent that every time I braked reasonably hard, the horn would beep. Luckily it happened on a quiet country road, with no-one else around so it became clear that it was my car and not anyone else. A bit more experimenting and making sure that my hands were well clear of the wheel centre confirmed that the car was "doing it by itself". An internet search showed that this is a fairly common problem, and the solution is to fit 8 O rings onto the flexible posts of the air bag bracket that lives behind the air bag. A Youtube video shows how to do it, but it would have been good to know the correct O ring sizes to solve the problem, and the American poster referred to using #31 O rings. A search on this number seemed to give much bigger O ring sizes than he seemed to be fitting, but a second video allowed a freeze frame of the O ring blister pack and for information the #31 O rings are 5/16" ID, 9/16" OD and 1/8" thick. Obviously these are imperial sizes and no doubt there would be metric equivalents, but they are available on EBay at £1.99 for 10 delivered. They duly arrived today, and after fitting have solved the problem. One thing I would say is that the two screws at the back of the steering that release the air bag are very tight as they have been installed with a thread lock solution, so I found that a good quality T30 bit 75 mm long was a perfect length to access them and in conjunction with a 1/4" drive ratchet and suitably sized (4BA) 1/4" socket provided enough torque to break the thread lock and allow the screws to undo easily. All you then need is a 19 mm socket for holding bolts which are very easy.
  18. Awesome! new here, looking to get a 987 (assume a lot of interchangeable maintenance and DIY with 986!) but coming from a mx5 it's great to see a decent community behind these cars!


    Hi, just placed order 294. My 1997 Boxster VIN is WP0ZZZ98ZVS608668
  20. I’m after some recommendations for car insurance companies that offer track day cover. Can anyone help out?

    Hi, just placed order 294. My 1997 Boxster VIN is WP0ZZZ98ZVS608668
  22. Hi, just placed order 294. My 1997 Boxster VIN is WP0ZZZ98ZVS608668


  23. Hi guys, I have installed: 1. heated seats; 2. auto dim mirror from an audi; 3. ODC wiring; 4. Cruise control wiring. The mirror (connected to Bridge Point via Fuse B5) and the heated seats (connected Bridge point and Fuse A6) these work perfectly. Also installed the wiring for the OBC and Cruise Control modification and the wiring connectivity has been triple checked (not been able to get the coding done yet). After reassembly, I have a problem with my instrument cluster: 1. no main beam warning light (main beam operates) and there is 12V on the blue socket at the cluster; 2. no left or right indicator warning light (indicators and hazards work) although 12V is on the blue socket at the cluster; 3. washer low fluid warning light lit (washer bottle has been filled); 4. oil level indication light flashes, no level displayed (oil level is correct); 5. Low fuel warning light is lit and no fuel level is indicated (there is 40+ litres in the tank). Any thoughts or ideas?
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