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  2. Afternoon folks,Just a quick note to say we have now moved into a new, sw*nky office!Read more here:https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/news...ew-headquartesOur new address is as follows:First FloorOakmound HouseOakmount RoadEastleighHampshireSO53 2LHDon't forget, we give a healthy discount of up to 15% on all insurance when mentioning you are a member of the forum!Thanks again,Leah BurtAIB Insurance02380 268351
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  5. Yeah i have been here 10 years and insured the MR2 turbo for £380, deffo is the post code and as you say been sensible for a while and was in for a shock when i decided i wanted a 986.
  6. OK so it really is the postcode not the car. How long have you been there - not long enough to know this? Or did you go through a Sensible Car patch for family reasons and now got a shock?
  7. Yup, Lancaster and A-Plan both coming up with £850+. I'm happy with the £550 for now so either way it will be fine. 👍🏽 Just frustrating being penalised for the idiots who live in my city.
  8. Have you tried asking the same companies to quote you for your old MR2 turbo? It would at least indicate if it is or is not the car that is the problem.
  9. So tried a few more today and im getting quotes from £800 to £1200 respectively. Manning in particular said its because its my first porsche and didnt take into consideration my past car history of owning MR2 turbo's for years which are same layout and same power, in fact the boxster by all accounts is a lot easier to drive! To think the best price ive had is via money supermarket and another broker Keith Michaels who do bespoke quotes emailed me to say that the best quote ive got must be a mistake and that the excess must be way off rather than accepting what ive advised him. https://dr
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  11. Solid logic however it doesn’t fit every need - Agreed Value typically restricts mileage - fine if it’s a High Days car that’s garaged (usually another AV condition) but for anything like daily use the highest limit I found was 7500 miles which in a normal year isn’t enough for my 986.
  12. For me the cost is not the all important thing, I want to have an agreed value so can buy another if have an accident. Compare the market etc. companies will pay you market value which is several thousands less compare to what you will have to pay for a replacement.
  13. Tried footman James, Lancaster and a few others. I'll try the ones you've mentioned as I've not heard of them before. Cheers mate.👍🏽
  14. @fizz Have you tried any of the Classic car insurers? Depends on whether you want cover to use everyday ie commuting or whether the car is garaged? Mine is insured with Locktons on the PCGB scheme. Others I know of that people use are classic line and Manninguk. Mine is insured for 5k per year inc track days but no business use & is always garaged. I pay about £340 from memory.
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  16. Very possibly mate... BD7 but i've also lived in BD9 (Chellow Dene) and it was still shyte.
  17. Keen to find out what your postcode is? My Boxster is at BD20 and it's a pretty cheap second car to run. My Vans BB18 and that's again decent compared to what other people I know pay. Just wondering if the lower the number gets the worse it is 😅
  18. It's on the cards once my daughter finishes secondary in 4 years time.
  19. Hi. Have you considered moving out of Bradford? Cheers, Baggers.
  20. So... im 40 with 15 years NCB, 1 non fault claim 2 years ago which was settled for circa £1600 and my no claims was not affected. I'm getting quotes for a 03 plate S with a Bradford postcode which is one of the hot spots in the UK for accidents. I am being shafted due to this and want to know if there are any insurers out there that look at an individual case based on his/her history of owning classic/sports cars without ever having been in an accident in one? (the non fault was a civic i was driving on a round about when i got side swiped by a douche who got his braking way wrong on bald
  21. Oh thanks for the reminder. As commented on by others above, yes my number plate bulbs blew eventually, most likely as they have a massive heat sink in a very small space. I don't know when but my indie told me he replaced them. So I guess I have normal ones in there now. I think it's easier to buy all in one replacement units with the proper LEDs built in, than trying to find more "LED bulbs" with Canbus friendly resistors. I might do that next year... or later...
  22. I’ve not posted in a while but thought I’d share two news stories with you all.The first is about Ellie joining the team and Laura moving departments.https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/news/ellie-basiThe second is about our brilliant Megan and Jenna’s promotion.https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/news/promotion-promotionWe know things are tough in lockdown so please give us a call on 02380 268351 and let us try and save you some money and offer you better cover for your motor, property or commercial insurance.Many ThanksLeah BurtAIB Insurance02380 268351
  23. Does anyone know if a space saver spare wheel from a boxster 986 will fit on a 987 model ?


  24. So I've just been fitting my interior LED lights and somehow the glove box light no longer works. I plugged it back in to test it and it worked fine, then went to clip the metal box back onto the light fitting and now it doesn't work! Have I somehow blown a fuse or something? I tried replacing the LED to a new one, tried turning it round to the other side. Nothing it working so I'm quite confused!
  25. Hopefully he's not a plumber and armed with his plunger. I do have a rodding kit if anyone's drains are really backed up 🤣
  26. It's difficult enough to get out of a locked frunk, even in you're not chained.
  27. I'm surprised he stuck around, you should think of a more alluring name than drain hole... 😇
  28. Did this along time ago, the full electronics/self levelling is a simple and seperate loom that can be retrofitted. The mounts are there for the sensor, both on the shell and on the suspension arm, a single run of wiring goes to the ECU mounted under the frunk. The washers are straightforward to fit also, either wired in correctly or through a simple relay switched through the lights. Well worth doing
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