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  1. been away a while due to new addition to family

  2. Mike we have a bodyshop we use and may not be too expensive either...
  3. Dissapointed with a few people lately, thought i knew better..

  4. wondering what xmas will bring

  5. Thanks, and thanks for the speedy reply.

    Gave it a really good pull. then another even harder, finally we're in. Now to steal all the contents before the owner return (joking)

    I've popped the boot carpet out to see the cable, that's a bit dodgy!! Pulling that hard I'd have thought would damage the plastic tube.

    Now to post on the forum, you deserve some th...

  6. hope youve sorted it tried calling but it just rang on


  7. so its a 987 then, the problem you have is the cable that is showing which you have found needs really pulling because it pulls the motor itself to release the lid...

  8. HI, it's a 2005

    If you like I can phone you or you-me. 0151 423 6800

  9. i take it the car is locked down then, how olds the boxster mate

  10. Hi and sorry for posting to you like this but I'm at a loss. My wife just locked our keys in the front boot. I've pulled the LH inner wheel arch plastic back and pulled on the secret release wire, it's now about 4" out but the boot's dtill shut, any help much appreciated. Richard (sli_stunions). PS only had car 2 hrs!!!

  11. i know when i settled my car finance early they knocked off the interest , you need to ring them and ask for a settlement figure that way you can work out whether or not its worth it..
  12. i used forte the other year and were excellen when we needed them cos of some robbin russian git
  13. Yeah, its a rebranded version of day-insure. Same price (about £350 for 28 days ). Anyone know any others? Cheers! feking how much the robbin barstads
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