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  1. £320 with Aviva on a 2005 987 max 9,000 miles fully comp G&PNCD cheaper than last yr as well and im latter 50's
  2. welcome and I hope i get a good welcome too when my renewal comes around
  3. Most Insurers i am looking at all exclude cover if you injure yourself whilst under the influence of Alcohol, yet a lot of the sites that discuss this exclusion mention MOST insurers ------ so therefore there must be some that do not have this exclusion. #1 son about to go to Ibiza next weekend and cannot seem to find any insurers that do not exclude alcohol anyone come across any insurers who DO NOT exclude alcohol in their policy? surely amongst this well respected non drinking community haha someone must have covered themselves?
  4. Thought you might have the answer Exy..... rather than me searching !!
  5. Last year switched from RAC to Aviva and paid £353 fully comp full NCD I am 55 years old wife on policy and one speeding conviction 3 yrs ago ( 2 accidents in last 5 yrs both not my fault protected NCD) this year policy renewal arrived and price......................£378 less £17 online discount renewal--£355.00 then had to ring them due to tech prob with their site and paid over phone and as i took policy out with over 2 weeks to go before renewal date sending a free M&S voucher (£25) in the post on the way with the documents well happy ,,,
  6. We use Tesco clubcard vouchers against RAC all family 4 people covered for breakdown and recovery in any car they are travelling in for ---------£65 of tesco clubcard vouchers 3rd year of doing it and had them out between us about 4 times none on the box though ( touch wood tap tap feet )
  7. Plenty of sites will do 1 days insurance eg insuredaily which I used when I was looking around I would sya to any potential buyer BEFORE they turn up they must have insurance and proof to show you before they drive the car and point them in the direction of these 1 day insurance companies I always turned up with Docs in hand and showed them to seller to reassure them i was a good lad .. ..............................................................................
  8. Well made calls today to existing insurer RAC who are underwritten by Aviva and asked why a £300 diff even though i had opted out of European Cover and Courtesy car being the only diff Could not explain why but could offer me a £35 reduction !! bringing it from £651.67 down to £616.67 Then cancelled the renewal Rang Aviva, double checked all cover against original policy , no surprises there as same level of cover etc with Total excess being £50 cheaper than RAC and an additional excess of £200 if i use a non approved repairer--however told that on luxury cars such as teh Boxster that th
  9. John Birt the only way to go foxhunting is with a Gun .... not a boxster ... I am down as policyholder and main driver, its a Sheffield post code so nothing special about that .... Same info given to all the quotes but the Aviva one is good as it started at £301 then you can add the extras as you need and play with excess very easily Will post back on here once I have spoken to them tomorrow................ Ref the tracker ----- i think there may be one fitted but its never been confirmed by previous owner but then I am not looking to declare it or enquire about it either as
  10. Mine due 15/04 me and wife on policy ( 54 & 52), Me-- 2 accidents in 3 yrs one no fault, and one fox hit car but i had to claim on my policy me also one SP30 in 2008 quotes so far: Wife no claims or convictions now get this : Letter from Current provider RAC £651.67 Current provider RAC £554 via confused .com RAC online direct £542.26 Why so variable from same company??? Quoteonline £746 Liv victoria £556.90 Direct line would not let me get past the tracker fitted screen and as far as i know it has not got one fitted ---so their loss!! Best quote : Aviva---£353 inc £250
  11. Gaz I tried numerous insurances this year and ended up with the RAC as the cheapest have you tried "shipping" pilot ( ie as in boats) since you ship goods ? or air technician/ engineer? or "lucky barsteward!" Give the RAC a call
  12. Must be my occupation change! both Admiral & Elephant in excess of £700 £420 paid last year Limited mileage, social & domestic use ONLY and use of other vehicle's and still lowest quote is £540 with 'Kwikfit' Go figure Can't you put it on the airbus insurance as second vehicle? Do you think if i put 'bus driver' as my occupation, though not technically lying, should anything happen it would be a get out clause for the insurance company Go one better put "plain" Postal Delivery Driver ! / Parcel Courier
  13. This bring another question to light for me Having had my car written off and seraching for a boxster my own car insurance has expired , question----- whats the best and cheapest way to get myself insured so that when i come to test drive a private sale car i am covered for both mine and the owners sake? Luckily to date those i have test drived have been at dealers and covered under their insurance but have come close to viewing some private sales and worried how to insure myself Any ideas guys/ costs?
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