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  1. I may look at that next time I go for a new car as I have started to wonder if splashing such a large amount of cash out in one hit was or is such a good idea.
  2. Thats a good question , the offer that was made was £7k less than the price i paid new . I could have purchased a new model but not with the spec i had . I did well in the end as the car i eventually ended up in was a model facelift with the correct spec although it took 2 months to sort out .
  3. I had a new car that was destroyed after 8 months of ownership and the gap insurance was good for me as there was a 7k shortfall .
  4. I use porsche insurance and have found them to be very good . Price is OK and i get 3 trackdays a year included , i have the 1.4 ford fiesta turbo diesel as a second car with them and that was by far the cheapest quote so not a bad deal all round really.
  5. Good idea , you may want to leave out that you call yourself "Foot2the floor" when contributing on the forum.
  6. I went to spec my new Boxster S and it would appear that for an extra £18,000 i could be in a Carrara S. I would have to borrow £20,000 which in itself would be ok but i was wondering about insurance. I been on the web but am unable to get an online quote. the value of the car is about £69,000 , i am 50 years old with at least 20years no claims . Does anyone have any idea of how much i should expect to pay? Thanks
  7. The kind of girl ive been looking for all my life ! Welcome to the Forum ←
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