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  1. I have the 981 insured with NFU and home insurance also I’m picking up the motor home tomorrow so I called to add that to my insurance £20000 on the MH protected nc And fully comp the normal i nearly fell of the bench when I was told the full cost of adding it on to my policy £38 for the year added on to the policy I thought it was an extra £38 per month at first I asked repeatedly if that was the total cost a few times. I’m over the moon. And they also don’t charge if you to do adjustments like pvt plates and stufff. So im giving the NFU a big 10 stars 🌟 Gice then
  2. I did it 3 times on a 987. On 3 different cars 😇The latch can sit very close and catch on the 987. I became a dab hand at replacing them in the end 👜🧐💄🥃
  3. I get full recovery and breakdown with my insurance for the car 🚙
  4. Glad you got it fixed mate and cheaply 👍 and another fix for the 981 without the Porsche tax
  5. Keep me in the loop on this one mate. I have a aqua blue as well
  6. It’s you that’s dodgy didn’t you realise. A face only a mother could love 😱
  7. What about posh Porsche pr*cks. With a unicorn dabba.
  8. yes it looks great . pop a link up for the tool mate .. my car is aqua blue also
  9. Not got a GTS (well the back lights Are gts😁) you havre to be firm with them mate.
  10. Hi fats could be interested in the west highlands, will you keep me posted. I'm a newbie and want to start branching out.  Thanx


  11. i moved from a 987 to a 981 with a big difference in valuations . . guess how much extra i had to pay my insurance company for the pleasure .. £00.00 extra .
  12. I'm with nfu also great policy and a great price . When I moved from a 987 to the 981 ..no price increase. Happy days. ?
  13. only time that happend to me as i put a pvt plate on a new car at first registration . all other cars have been given back the original plate issued to them at first registration .
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