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  1. 3 more here from Admiral - e mail came through today.
  2. Good call - thanks @Nobbie. Alpina is based on a 330 3 series BMW. The "S" models had specific parts like brakes, but the stock Alpina i have shares most underpinnings with standard BMWs. I will see what they say on Monday.
  3. Hi All. I have had my Boxster insured by RH Specialist Insurance for around £150 per year, 5k limited miles on a classic poilicy. Earlier this year i bought a E46 Alpina B3 3.3 and added this to the policy. It raised it to about £250. I recently found out that the policy insists that I have another "daily" car as my usual car. I have to be the owner, so it cannot be the wifes car and I must have a normal (not classic) insurance on this as me the daily driver. This was my 2002 Audi A4. Unfortunately, earlier this month, i managed to write the car off. I sold it today and i guess that
  4. Hi who do you insure with can you please give me a bit of info 

    regards Mark

  5. Good point well made. I will check how much this was last year.
  6. Thanks Mate. I will just renew with them again. Appreciate your help!
  7. Argh.....Its been one of the most expensive months in the Rav household ever. Wifes Audi A6 needs cam belt, water pump and service and my daily needs the same - £1400. ERS classic have just e-mailed with the deep joy news that the Boxster S insurance is up for renewal - £243 limited 5k miles. Does that seem competitive? I am 41yrs, squeaky clean licence, car garaged over night, 5k limited miles, living in the inverse of Brixton - Marlborough, Wiltshire. Any help to keep me sane welcome.
  8. Copyright?

    The problem I have with these manuals is that if there is an error, you don't know it till too late. I've seen people lose an engine because of that.

  9. Looking at purchasing Sandmans T plate Boxster 2.5 at the end of the month. I phoned RH specialist insurance today. I am nearly 40 and have another car for daily use. 5k limited miles on the Boxster valued at £4k. I have decent no claims 10+ years, no accidents claims or convictions and am a boring civil servant.... I added my wife, same as me - boring with no claims convictions accidents and a NHS worker. I dont live in Brixton - but Marlborough. Car is to be garaged when at home. £311.57 for the year with 5k limited miles. Just a sanity check really. Does this sound right? Thanks
  10. Looking for a decent 986 for low money....

    1. toys4x4boys


      If there is anyone selling a decent car for less that it's worth, there could be a deal brewing :)

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