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  1. Hi, I'm after a set of painted badges / crests for my 2011 BOXSTER S.

    Alternatively, could you sell a set of wheel caps with painted badges?  76mm

    My current ones are painted dark blue, paint code Lm5X.

    If you don't have blue, do you have any finished in primer that I can paint?



  2. Hello, could you give me the price and payment details for 4 of the chrome look background centre caps if that description narrows it down sufficiently? I have 911 turbo design wheels and the centre cap background is very similar to the diamond cut when colour.

    Thanks, Barry

  3. Marts,

    Could I get a set of coloured central caps please?

  4. hey buddy - need a set of centre caps for my 2010 Spyder - the wheels are just about to be refurbished silver - so silver would be ideal - please email me the price and payment details - mail@slk.cc 

  5. Hello Mart,

    I had a set of centres for my winter wheels, I have just put my summer wheels back on and notice that the OEM centre caps are looking a bit worn. The wheels are 20 inch carerra S painted in satin platinum I am enclosing a very poor photo to help  identification

    Could you let me know if you have a set of caps in this colour ? also your payment details, I seem to recall I did a bank payment but I do not have the details now.



  6. Hi Martin

    Seems you are the "go-to" man for centre caps! 

    Can you pm me details/price/what you need to know please?

    Looking for silver with coloured crests please.

    many thanks


  7. Martin, looking for a set of silver with red and gold logo like your first pic I think for my 03 facelift 986 in silver.

    are you the man to see?

    can you email me? Not on this too often.



  8. Hi, possible to tell me how to buy a standard set of silver / coloured crest fro a 987?

    Ta, Alan

  9. Marts, please can I order a set for my wife's 986.2 on 18s?

    Coloured crests, silver background, concave shape, 76mm exterior diameter?

    Thank you



  10. Marts, hi, can I get a set of silver background centre caps from you please? For a 986 on 17s.


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