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  1. Guys, I'm sure many of you will of been through this before now.....ive got the choice of going through the company SS scheme or taking an allowance. Can't use the box because rules state 4 seats! My box is my weekend car anyway. Working out the take home pay for the SSS seems difficult. Anyone made the change recently? How has it worked out? Regards, Paul.
  2. I've just been snapped in a 70mph doing 81mph....waiting to hear if I qualify for a SAC or not. The worst part of the story....i think I've just been snapped in a 30 doing 38! Could be another ticket in the post!
  3. Just renewed with esure..£320 pncb. Closest to it was £410! Limited to 5k miles per year.
  4. Who did you get the porker Insurance with? That's a cheap policy!
  5. Mmmm....I just might do that....insurance is due Feb 24th....currently on a dual policy with my shogun sport.
  6. I've just had my 08 plate boxster insured for £350.....cheaper than my shogun sport for the year.....I'm not complaining....I also asked admiral for the multi car quote and I've reduced my shogun insurance for when the renewal is due....all in all I'm very pleased!
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