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  1. I recently got a policy with Locktons, and they didn't offer a free PCGB membership.
  2. Hi

    Are you prepared to courier it?

  3. I don't know what radio the 2009 Boxster has, but it's probable that you can buy/make a cable to go into the back of it, with a socket to plug your ipod in. For my 2001 car, I bought some cable, a plug for the back of the radio and an aux socket and made one myself for a few pounds.
  4. Good write up. I believe that these quickshifts are predominantly for the LHD market, hence why the lever was pointing over towards the left when you assembled it. I think most people disassemble the shifter beforehand and spin the lever around so it suits RHD cars, and the cables can go back in the same position.
  5. Just to resurrect an old thread, I recently fitted cruise to my 2001 Boxster S after following these instructions. As mentioned above, the wire between the instrument cluster and the DME was not required, although I ran it (unconnected) in the loom just in case. The cruise works fine and the dash bulb does indeed illuminate without the connection.
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