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  1. I'm surprised he stuck around, you should think of a more alluring name than drain hole... 😇
  2. Well, did he know? Or was that part of his mission, to find out? 🤓
  3. What! Has she found someone younger now?
  4. Wow! That seems a lot. I'm sure in the past when I incurred an SP30 it made literally no difference all...
  5. Nice bit of customer retention marketing spend, and very welcome I'm sure 😎
  6. Great 👍 Mines still on my desk... Did you clean each individual chip with alcohol or similar first?
  7. Clearly you are much higher risk than me 😄 Seriously no idea why this would be. Though it might depend who I am ultimately insured with as Manning are just the broker. I will take a look tomorrow at who the insurer is underwriting my policy to compare for you? As I said above I have simply emailed on each occasion and get a confirmation back same day usually. They have also given me a (small) discount for taking the CAT driving day course...
  8. Yep, they have covered me FOC for the CAT Driving day plus the last PEC drive your own car day. I just email them them and they respond so I have it in writing. 10% excess on track...
  9. I use Manning, great personal service, track day cover, guaranteed value, genuine OPC repairs, less than Admiral for me!
  10. I have agreed value with Manning too, valuation from PCGB and no additional cost on the policy I believe.
  11. Probably someone in her management chain. They must have changed things around with H&S in mind 🤔 Have you received any post at all this week or do your post days seem over?
  12. Good stuff. I have some on my bonnet and being black they do show up. I have a couple of paint options. Chipex and an OEM Porsche touch up paint. Just need the time and inclination to have a go. What did you clean yours with? Standard thinners?
  13. That looks like a decent result - it's a bit hard to tell - are you pleased?
  14. When did you move out of Scotland? 😋
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