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  1. Hi guys. Looking for advice on removing A 981 dashboard. I have a rattle that’s driving me nuts. Can hear it if I tap on the binnacle above the instruments when stationary. Sounds like something is loose in there. Easy job or a mare?
  2. Hi. Yes, put an 8mm alan key in the teardrop shaped hole on the crank pulley to lock it in place. Didn’t lock the cams though. That’s with the flat steel shape thing that bolts to the two flanges right? Taking out the two plastic inspection plugs? Saw that done on a YouTube vid for an IMS bearing upgrade. Didn’t do that (not sure if needed for removing the tensioner bolts?) but it seems to have worked out.
  3. Did but actually made it worse. All done at my local garage. Fresh shell ultra in there, new filter etc so all good. £140 for two 71p washers lol. Sorry if I’ve posted this in the wrong area.
  4. Hi guys. Have a slight weep of oil from the chain tensioner bolts on my 2.7 987. Apparently a common fault as aluminium washers corrode out. So need to take them out and replace. Anyone done this and have any advice? Need to stop the crank pully with a 5/16th drill bit to block the crank/timing. Anything else?
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