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  1. HI Spearsy

    Can you tell me a good detailer in the Stourbridge area, West Midlands, postcode DY8 2PH


    Simon (alias Patlad)

  2. HI Jimbob

    Let me know your address and I'll probably pop over at the weekend with the cover.


    Simon (Patlad)

  3. patlad

    Drainage holes

    Got one off eBay. £6.50, bargain! Ready for some drainage hole cleaning action ?
  4. patlad

    Drainage holes

    Ok thanks. Will do.
  5. patlad

    Drainage holes

    That's great, thanks. Yes, planning to be there Sunday. Weather is looking good ?
  6. patlad

    Drainage holes

    I've read on a few forums about the importance of checking and ensuring 'drainage holes' are clear to prevent water ingress in and around the seats. Can anyone explain where these drainage holes are (with pics if possible) and best way to ensure they're clean?
  7. Great video - keep them coming! Good work ?
  8. Think I'm going to give this a go......... ?
  9. Great, informative video. Keep up your good work!
  10. patlad

    Essential tools

    Hi all, I'm relatively new to Boxster ownership and want to kit myself out with a few 'essential tools'. I've already got a jack, axle stands, socket set, breaker bar etc. But want to add a few more specific things. I'm not a mechanic, but feel capable of tackling some of the items that are featured in vroomba's videos, such as changing oil, brake pads, filters etc. Can anyone recommend a simple set of 'essential tools' and best place to get them from? I'd also like to get a tyre inflator/compressor, tyre gauge and torque wrench in addition to whatever you guys recommend, so advice on these al
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