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About Me

Based in Somerset, I run a small eCommerce business called KAPZ - lucky to make a living from one of my life-long passions . . . cycling


My other passions are diy, cars, motorbikes + my animals - we live in rural (<2k BB speed lol) Somerset with two donkeys, 5 cats, a half share in 3 sheep and about a gazillion bees!

The Spyder is just EPIC - it gets driven all year round. A wonderful machine, fast, fun and easy - not much on the road today to compare with the feeling I get driving it. No problems or issues to speak of. This year its having some extra TLC - a minor leather interior overhaul, new oem suspension refresh, alloy wheel refurb, 2 x 100mm exhaust tips, new steering wheel if I can find one I like + all the usual maintenance stuff.





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