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  1. I followed that how to you found its very good I got an hinge from B@Q I know thetes not one in Spain but plenty of ferreterías in Spain or ebay mine is still going strong after a few years and cheap as chips. If I can do it anyone can.
  2. ^^^^ what CAS said I've been with A-Plan for many years and have two car my every day and the boxster and they said they use my 9 years NCD on my boxster and mirrow my NCD on my everyday car. Mind you it's very confusing because I just got a reminder for my everyday car and it quotes only 3 years NCD so I called them and asked why if they morrow my 9 year NCD and they said although the policy shows three years that's just what NCD my everyday car is building up but they reflect my 9 year NCD in the quote. It's what you get quoted that matters, although you should check around somethi
  3. Paul I renewed mine for just me any vehicle including my motorhome same cover as you but Europe too for £260. Wished I had read this before o renewed with the RAC
  4. I did the same much easier to keep clean
  5. +1 for what @chanlon1 I used these and they have been on over a year now and still look good and my cars outside all the time
  6. Very glad to read this Patt and even more so that you got sorted before Christmas have a good one
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