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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this as have done a a few SAC’s and proud of my clean licence. Guess this is going to go the same way as the other stuff where they store the data online. I was involved in an accident in 2014 I think where another vehicle drove around the outside and across the front me when leaving a rounderbout. Since I was driving a van I didn’t see them coming so was quite miffed to dent my lucky history. Insurance company went 50/50 so I claimed for the damage as well. Turned out the insurance accessor worked out they jumped a red light. Otherwise they wouldn’t have b
  2. I found out the other day that it should be the grey wire with the blue stripe - can’t remember how or where I found it but I made a note. If you fancy trying it and letting me know that would be great. Otherwise I will just keep turning the display off at night !
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