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  1. Hi Dougmincer, 

    I've done a lot of work on this and needed to be Certain my 987 would fit before I cleared the garage of Centuries of stuff !

    I've got some very accurate drawings with Dimensions on which I'll try to put up here, but I've never had much joy as I don't have enough (399kb) to post any pics up to now and don't use Flicker . . .

    They can show the Door Swing on both sides, and I also devised a Parking Bumper to reverse up to as I'm only 2" from the back wall.

    Please let me know how to post multiple pics or contact me and I can email right away.



    PS Just tried but I don't know how to post my 2.5mg+ images . . .

  2. 56 minutes ago, Bravestarr said:

    Another point that is a bit contentious is about the standard seats being great. They are ok but in truth not great for spirited driving.

    I dont know which ones ive got . . .

    How do you spot the difference ?

  3. After some research and watching the videos i've just done mine very successfully. If the original Elastic has lost its stretch you simply need new 'Buttonhole elastic' to replace it as follows . . .

    1) Sew one end onto the outboard fixing point - that triangle of material, and then cut it to length just longer than the original elastic - and finally trim off the perished original.

    2) Undo the T15 attatchment screw inboard on the metal frame a few turns, remove the old and fit the New Elastic in its place under the Washer so ithat doesnt pop off.

    Note - The new Elastic needs to be Really Slack when the Hood is 1/2 up, and will only tension as the Hood finally closes. I made mine the same length as the (slack) original expecting to have to tension it up but didn't need to - so only tighten the T15 when you're happy with the tension. I'm sure this was the original Elastic on my 987 so its lasted 12 years. I've lent my stubby to my son so had to buy a little 90° Ratchet Driver (£2.85 from The Range) as there's not much room in there. 20 minute job altogether, but Most time is spent Sewing than anything else.

  4. How long before Flat Spots develop ?

    I've fitted some 4" high Rubber Stops to reverse up to as my garage is barely 8" longer than my 987 . . . and a lower 1 1/2" high rubber strip in front of the wheel to stop it running forward . . . So there is a "Cradle" effect but with flat concrete in between them. 

    I don't plan to leave the car idle for too long, but would be interested to know how long before Flat spots develop please ?

  5. Just Black ones fitted to my Silver 2005 987, I wasn't sure because there are no decent photos to show them . . .

    Very pleased but can't add pics because they're too big - oh I've cropped one and it's accepted it ☺ 


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